Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am just back from a few days in the bay area. I made a new friend. I'd met her before but we had never actually hung out.

This is Blanca. You can also call her Boo-Boo. She's a hamster, and I admit to not remembering what kind. She belong to my friend Kate. Blanca is adorable, small and totally white with pink eyes. She looks a lot like a meringue.

I did the long drive for several reasons. One was a routine doctor's check up and the other was to see the Cartier show at the Legion of Honor.

Since you can also visit the de Young for the same $20 we did so. There was a floral show going on that was a lot of fun. They were supposed to reflect or complement a painting of the floral designer's choice.

Really big vases.

A horse I guess made up, literally, of fodder.

The Cartier show was stunning. Lots and lots of Super Bling. After awhile though the mind reeled. Oh, yet another gorgeous piece made up of thousands of tiny diamonds, emeralds, coral, fill in the gemstone of your desire. Is it lunch time yet?


Kate has been talking about the houses sliding down the cliffs of Pacifica. Seems they do that pretty frequently yet somehow builders still get permits to build them.

You have to admit, it's a great view. Imagine yourself standing with drink of choice watching the sun set. Then again, it might be the last thing you do.

For some reason after the permits, the building, the sliding, the notice to move out (usually short and brutal - Run!) people feel compelled to pour millions of dollars into trying to keep a sandstone cliff from sliding down into the ocean. Big Machinery Will Not Save You. The Ocean doesn't give a hoot about money. Hear the laughing? Or is that the sound of dirt sliding downhill.

Besides, living next to the ocean does this. Remember, this building complex isn't all that old.

At least one resident has a sense of humor. Or had.


Speaking of having a sense of humor....

I have been happily churning out the second wedding cowl and am close to finishing. Sunday we popped into Kate's car to run errands. I started knitting, and...

After a very short while it became apparent that the skein of yarn somehow didn't make it into the vehicle. Somewhere a squirrel or raccoon is lining his or her nest with some lovely Manos silk blend in a delightful shade of blue. I am SO glad I bought a third skein.

So, onto the backup knitting (always travel with A.Lot.of.Knitting). My demo mitered hanging dishtowel for the talk I'm giving about knitting - to a group of sewers.


After a rather nice weekend of mostly sun it is raining again. Ollie thinks the couch is a Very Nice Place to hang out. I agree.

I forgot to mention that I passed on the Saroyan scarf to my friend Mia and managed not to get a photo of her wearing it. Mia? Any chance? It looked really good on her too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay, so it's still raining on and off but things are starting to bloom and I have a strong desire for COLOR.

Using the scraps from my vintage apron I was able to get a little shirt made for Sammy. Buttons from stash and a pattern bought for 50 cents. Okay, I admit I was actually working on a shirt for myself with a shawl collar when I just couldn't stand fussing with it anymore. This was WAY more fun.

Thermis. One of two that I am making as presents. I don't yet have just the right buttons but I'll find them. Manos Silk Blend in 3043. The pattern took just a bit more than one skein (annoying) using size 3's. A very lovely little cowl.
There has been an awful lot of yarn buying lately (and ping ponging from project to project Must.Focus). One must not cruise websites if one does not want to buy yarn. Repeat 1000 times. May work. May not.
Spring Things

Clematis outside my kitchen window. The climbing rose might bloom at the same time. I'm hoping for at least a little overlap since the deep rose with the purple is stunning. To the left is a very nice euphorbia.


Lysimachia "Goldilocks". I was assured that it would not spread out of the container. If I did a wider shot you would see it for some distance. This stuff likes to spread.

What was sold as a pale yellow, fragrant lilac. It's pretty, it's white, and it has no smell. Flower catalogues also lie. Still, I like it.

Also spreading all over the property from seeds: Columbine.

The Future. Peonies to be.

I'm blanking. I've most likely blocked it from my mind. It it borderline invasive. It's hard to dislike since it grows everywhere and produces lots and lots and lots of flowers. Everywhere. I've already had to dig up several nearby plants (in the area it was officially planted) and relocate them. I rip it out by the armload and it loves it.

The potting shed of plenty. Climbing roses, a regular sort of climbing rose (The Floozy), a potato vine.

Wisteria. I need more of these.

...and bring up the rear, Ceanothus. I wish this flowered all year round. It's so pretty.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've fallen far behind in my blogging and have such a backlog of photos. I'm just going to list them as I find them.

My very own, top down cardi done in Fleece Artist. Buttons from Blackwater Abbey. I lost track of how many skeins I used but more than two, less than four. I ended up knitting this sucker twice since it was far too large the first time. It was a fast knit (a Knitting, Pure and Simple pattern) so it wasn't that onerous to do.

Linda, the now ex-owner of the coffee show where my weekly knit night meets. We made her an afghan (a square of more each). She loves it. We miss her.

Two little girl dresses, Year 1 size for Valerie, daughter of my cyberfriend, Jollin who lives in Singapore. They are SO cute!

The promised shawl for my stepson's girlfriend. Boneyard done in a silky merino from Sundara. I had wanted to do Damson but I need something I could do while watching TV.

Saroyan. A delightful pattern. I got ambitious and added a second leaf repeat which resulted in my running out of yarn. A silk alpaca one off bought locally so no more is to be had. I used another colorway which doesn't quite work. I could try carefully frogging the other side and redoing the lace pattern backward (if that can even be done) and give the scarf a balanced "dipped" look. Not likely to happen though. The yarn is lovely but not quite as soft as I would want for a scarf/shawl.

Saroyan done in an aran silky merino (Sweet Orange Blossom) from Sundara (which I have lots of). A wonderful yarn that has the unfortunate tendency to grow after being washed. I'm using it for shawls and blankets from now on. It's a lovely color and so very soft. A gift for a friend.

A bow-knot scarf. I did another one in blue chenille. Gifts for my cousin Phyllis who lives in northern Canada.

Some things work out...others don't

My first attempt at a Day of the Dead vintage apron (not quite finished). It turned out that the XL was gigantic so I started over with a size L which fits just fine.

Cats who love baskets and their owners who photograph them.

A good fit.

Needs work.
Some lovely Sanguine Gryphon Edios in the foreground. Opie is a great lover of baskets. Shortly after this photo was taken he managed to flip out of the basket and off the counter top. He got right back in.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010



Spring is finally spranging though more rain is on its way.

The Buttermilk Trail along the South Yuba River. Blogged about before. Worth repeating.

Lupin. There are many types.

Canyon Dudleya.

Lichens and moss

Rapids along the South Yuba River

Omar following Hubby.

Birds Eye Gilia

Moss with baby Canyon Dudleya

Rock crevice with various mosses

Three "P's: Poppy, Pretty Face, Popcorn

Buttercups on a hillside with oak trees.

Sticky Monkey with a lone California poppy and I forget what the heck that white flower is called. Caterpillar something or other.

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