Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Goodness

My goodness, here I am with my very own blog. I've been talking trash about designing my very own website for years complete with signing up for free classes and never yet managed to do it (I think I even paid for a class but we won't go into that). I've become a huge fan of several knitting blogs which finally led me to the grueling process (was it a five step walk through process or six?) of creating my own blog. Do I have anything interesting to say? Probably not but I am sure I will chatter away.

Of course, the main sticking point is what the heck to name it. It's not like I'm going to talk about *everything* but my mind is such that it jumps around here and there and I do like to think that there are a few things of interest about me. At the very least I can post pictures of my two cats and Omar the Magnificent my, as of today, 1 year old mini rat terrier. I'm hoping to link this to my eventual web page (cough, cough) that displays my art, my knitting, even my sewing projects. I recently had my first real Ebay experience and bought a used sewing machine. Since I learned on my mother's 1966 Sears Kenmore getting a computerized machine that does more than straight stitches and zigzag has been A Big Thing. So far I repaired two pairs of my husband's underwear (the waistbands had become unraveled) enabling me to say, see sweetie, it's a TOOL not a TOY. Then a couple of pillowcases and a removable pillow cover with piping no less for the couch. I had never done piping. My dear friend Suzy who can make wedding gowns with 7 foot trains in her sleep assured me that piping was "easy". Being me, a little compulsive, I had to do lots and lots of research via the web and going through back issues of Threads magazine before I finally tried anything out. I love the web. It's a wonderful way to connect to the world. I mean, I'm reading wonderful posts from a woman in Finland about knitting.


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