Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogging. It all started with an innocent email from my friend Kate sending me the Yarn Harlot’s link. I was hooked. She is amazingly funny and looks way too young looking to have children taller than two feet. I am eagerly awaiting Amazon to deliver her latest book and I plan to have it clutched to my chest in August when she comes to talk in Berkeley. Up to that point (pre Harlot) blogging seemed to me to be mostly 20 somethings and professional political writers going on and on about the state of the world and politics. Now I think that these are things that are important and should be *paid attention to* but I'm deeply (uninterested) uninformed. When I read interesting, fun, insightful blogs on *knitting* I was hooked. I have knitted for years. Okay, years without really gaining any clue on how it's really done or actually finishing up anything more complicated than a scarf I admit it. But I religiously took up my needles, poured over instructions and tried. Years ago I did take a class/group. I loved our instructor but she was anti-sock. Just wouldn't teach socks. I made a red sweater out of a cotton yarn that I almost finished - the neck just didn't work. After a while the class seemed to be little more than gossip and complaints so I moved on. I had a busy full life, it was okay. Still, I kept going to yarn stores and buying yarn. How can you help yourself? I was in Vermont at one point and went to the Green Mountain Spinnery. I bought yarn. I knitted a sweater *three times* and still could not get it to fit. I'm tenacious but also a little stupid I think. Here in the Grass Valley area we have two wonderful yarn stores. I have to be careful. My favorite is on my way back from the chiropractor's and they have things displayed in their parking lot. It's unfair. I try to drive by, I park, walk in, my eyes glaze over and sometime later I am driving home with a bag of yarn.

This year I have decided to focus on finishing up projects. Actually getting things off my needles and onto bodies. I've done two scarves and am finishing up the second sleeve of a Manos Del Uruguay Landslide Jacket (now that I've finally found my second needle which was deep behind the couch cushions). I've done the back and left front and saved the best for last. The right front with the buttonholes. Buttonholes, I have never knitted buttonholes. I will be brave.


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