Sunday, September 02, 2012


 The garden has been having a rough time of it. Heck, we've been having a rough time of it. Our well has been running dry and things are dying. We took our wallets into our hands, collected up the quarters in the change bin, and had the darn thing redug. Well deepening is an expensive business.

There are still enough flowers to make a nice bouquet for dinner last night with my brother David and his wife. They too are spending money - their one and only chick has finally flown the nest and lots of remodeling is now happening. What? You thought your bedroom would remain a shrine? I think not!

Large and impressive machinery was brought in along with several very buff looking men who worked very hard in some not so pleasant heat for two days. Happily Very Good Water Flow was achieved and after two days with no water AT ALL (you try it, it's downright GRIM) we are hooked back up and flowing by gum, FLOWING!!!!



A phrase that strikes fear into a knitters heart. Why? Because invariably the phrase is noticed only after knitting merrily away after some important junction completely missing that not only do you need to now be doing THIS you also need to be doing THAT.   

Hubby not only decided we needed to clear out the pole barn (a barn - with poles - used to store things that you just have to have but somehow never think of for years and years). Much sorting has occured which entailed looking at old photos complete with friends you've forgotten about and yourself much younger with lots more hair and dang, a heck of a lot thinner.

THEN....hubby decided that our sagging deck needed to be rebuilt. It's just been never ending fun around here.

 There was the absolutely gorgeous blue moon the other day.

 Yesterday Amazon brought me two books spanning the range of my crafting passion. If you sew and you don't know Gertie I say, check her out. She's loads of fun and full of great information. We Heart Gertie.

Speaking of passion, things have become a little overwhelmed in my sewing room (do I have a cool view or what?) so much sorting and tidying is happening. Well, not right at this moment. It's time for me to head out and knit with a girlfriend. Mork is coming along; I'm now on the back and the miles (miles!) of uneven ribbing. I like it though and think it's going to be a great sweater for me.


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