Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I love this photograph. First off, it's of Sharon, a dear friend. We go all the way back to college which was, well, some time ago. (I will point out though that I am 8 years older than Sharon having gone back to college in my mid 20's for the second time.)

I like to joke that I'm on the trailing edge of technology. I'm probably a lot better than that but then again I tend to pick and choose what I need to know and rely on my computer savvy husband to figure out the rest for me (hey, I can cook, he can't - we all have our skills).

Sharon is spending time with her ailing mother back in Tenn. so we have started using Facetime to talk to each other. It is working out very well and I feel gives a better connection than just talking on the phone.

So, take a close look at the photo. I've got an ipod Touch, basically, an iphone without the phone.  The best place I've found to "talk" is in my sewing room sitting in front of my sewing machine. The chair is good, the light is excellent. I can close doors on the animals and not end up talking with a fluffy tail or five swishing in front of my face.

The question was: how to set up the Touch so I could sit and talk plus wave my arms around. I'm an arm and hand waver. I can barely talk otherwise.

What I came up with was:

1. One of two very old bookends (It's an old sailing ship motif) for the Touch to lean against.

2. The pencil is being held in place by two pieces of tape. (I can see that I should have reversed 2 and 3 but I'm only moving forward here.)

3. I'm using a blue marking pencil to keep the Touch from sliding forward.

4. It's on top of Lily, my sewing machine.

Technology. You take what you need from it.


Old technology with touches of new.


I recently spent nearly a week in CactusLand visiting The Enabler and the both of us attending the 20th anniversary of the sew-in we've attended for the last several years. I gifted my pink Alaria shawl to Leslie, She Who Runs the Whole Shebang With Grace, Wit, and a Lightly Held Whip (I mean this as a compliment Leslie).

This is going to likely be the last sew-in for both The Enabler and myself since she is moving. Even though I only see the other sewers once a year for a few days it was rather hard to say goodbye. They are darn good people.

To continue resting my aching brain I have been knitting a gansey for children. Soothing. Easy. Able to watch Wimbledon without cursing.  I have a big ball of leftover Fleece Artist Scotian Silk (sadly discontinued) and am hoping very hard that I have enough yarn because honey, there ain't no more to be found.

The Enabler graced me yet another of her wonderful creations. This one from her Mermaid series. We likes it a lot.


Like all sew-ins I never get as much done as I had planned nor does it goes quite as smoothly as expected. Too many things to distract me, we are over 70 in number after all, a sewing machine that is not mine...blah, blah, blah. I did get another draped cowl top done along with a pair of shorts and a Sobretto top without the pleat.

There was an extra class the day before the sew-in started on making a bag. I think I was the only person who didn't finish but I will. HONEST!!It was a good class, a fun class. I will finish and I will make the bag up again. It's a good size to carry knitting in too.


Despite having deer leaping gracefully over our fence we're doing okay though the day lilies may disagree and the roses are little more than sticks. Hubby has spent a lot of time and effort improving things (the problem seems to be mostly the gate areas).

Pots on the front steps with coleus, begonias, and lamium. A couple of petunias for two hanging baskets that need perking up.

Clematis with a small Japanese maple to the right.

Geraniums coming back from being cropped by hungry critters.

On the veggie front we would have had beans by now but....  There are plenty more growing like mad so it won't be long now. There are lots of yellow zukes coming ripe. Somehow I put in four or five plants. I was to stunned to count and yes, I may need some intervention. One plant is more than several families need.

The tomatoes were cropped but they're coming back so one of these days we'll have ripe tomatoes. We got one cucumber before the deer got to them. I think they will survive but I may not have enough to make pickles this year.

Have a Happy 4th everyone. Remember to watch fireworks and eat more than you should. It's a special day.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bracelet is like a beautiful glowing sea urchin on your wrist, magical! XO Mia

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

I think you did just fine, sewing up a storm...and no mention of the RuMage? No wait, it was renamed - the Sewing Sister's Boutique.

That duffel bag went home much, much fuller than it arrived. Heh, heh, heh.


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