Sunday, February 12, 2012


Bright Star is now finished. As do a lot of my FO's, it stretched a great deal after washing. I popped into the dryer on low and it returned to close to its original size. Still, it's larger than I like so I may experiment with the dryer again. Famous last words? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep things from stretching? I knit this on size 4's and it's an Aran weight yarn (Classic Elite Waterlily). It seemed tight enough, the gauge was spot on.

Overall, I am pleased with it. Like all of the things I have knit I'd probably do things a little differently. It seems like it would work better to join the bottom part as you switch to the ribbing. You could do a faux button band or just attach buttons. It's not really a great style for me but it is warm and comfy. I initially had a problem with the collar wanting to flip over but that seems to have settled down.

I'm having a hard time picking up a UFO to work on so I started something very simple, a sleep sack for an infant with adorable little owls along the top. There's a hat too. I don't know anyone who actually has a baby but a couple of people I know are thinking about it. Heck, I just wanted to knit the owls and do something fast and cute.

Cascade 220 superwash on size 4's from my stash.


Very little is happening in the garden right now other than my perching on the orchard ladder in a very unsafe way while I prune the fruit trees. One of the nice side effects of this (no, not a really tired right hand) is that I end up with a lot of flowering branches which make for beautiful arrangements. And no, I don't have a photo to share.

The cats are spending a lot more time inside lounging around. We are due for a little much needed rain tomorrow. I'm ready. Opal things she'll just catch a few more winks.


The view from our bedroom every day around sunset. Hummingbirds sucking down sugar water for what it's worth. It's a long time until daybreak.


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Sz said...

and dear Opal hasn't decided to try going through the window to eat one of the hummers. Thank goodness!


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