Sunday, September 25, 2011


The every way wrap to be precise, or specific, your choice. It grows though there have been periods where it seemed like I was going backwards in time. After finding a cable row that twisted to the left when it should have twisted to the right I had the joy of frogging five inches.

Still, it's all knitting and that is always good. I am sure I will use this wrap a great deal this winter. It will be perfect for sitting on the couch in front of the wood burning stove.

The lovely density of the knitting makes it a popular item to repose upon.


We continue to have some decent heat during the days (today being the exception - we not only dropped down from the 90's into the 70's, it rained). The heat will continue and perhaps there will be a few more tomatoes. Things are wrapping up though. I have picked the last of my heirloom cantaloupes and will be sorry when the last one has been consumed. A definite Must.Grow.Again.Next.Year item. They have been so very good.

I tried a new type of hard shell squash from Australia. I've not yet tried eating one and may actually just use them for Halloween carving. I don't think I will try them again though. You get one, perhaps two per vine and the literature says they are rather "dry". There a plenty other types with better taste and higher yield. Still, fun to try something new.

We had a cat bomb go off the other night.

Just to the left is an open door with a bit of a breeze. A pleasant place to hang out in the evening when you have a fur coat.

Otherwise, a basket in the shade isn't too bad either.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Opie and Ollie look just too relaxed. Omar needs to have poked them with his nose, just to be sure they were real. Olive looks too regal atop the knitting.


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