Friday, May 20, 2011


Today is the Day! The carpet people are transforming our humble abode into something fresh, well padded, and livable. When we bought this house ten years ago the carpets looked pretty sad. Imagine what has happened to them with lots of foot traffic, garden dirt, along with various furbots tromping back and forth, shedding, shredding, barfing, and the dismembering of small, unfortunate furry creatures they prey upon. The word "gross" kind of sums it up.

Who knew there were so many staples in the world? Despite scraping, sweeping, vacuuming, and picking them out of our shoes I still saw one in this photo.

I love this photo because it shows me that at some point while the floorboards were being laid in this rather old house children came to visit and amused themselves by sticking old Peanuts decals down. A bit of history, right here.

We are SO glad it stopped raining.

The new paint in the bedroom looks so very nice.

We decided to rip out the old carpets ourselves because we needed time to work on the floorboards and paint the trim. Last night after we finally fell into bed we sounded very old as we groaned and moaned every time we turned over in bed. Actually, we're on a mattress on the floor in my studio since the bed frame had to be dismantled and needs to be sanded and painted. The carpets may be done today (we're hoping/it was promised) but the real work is far from done.

Needless to say all the furbots are confused as can be. The food dish keeps moving. Their favorite snuggle spots have disappeared and strange men are moving around thumping like crazy.


We have new carpets!


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Love the colors on the bedroom walls. Just yummy. Amazing how much spaces look without furniture in them, isn't it?


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