Friday, March 04, 2011


I went to Cactus Land last weekend to help The Enabler celebrate her birthday. It's an annual ritual and one that I cherish - I mean, only your very bestest friend would endure airport security to come and drink champagne with you. There was also the eating of gelato birthday cake - I mean, it was a rough time but I was there for her 24/7. Another glass of bubbly? How could I say no?

Many wonderful things happened. There was only one "not so wonderful" which was learning that my drivers licence had expired. Interestingly, it was a skycap who pointed this out. Not security either going or coming or the second skycap. That said, it was an uneventful and easy set of flights. We like the less than two hours stuck in a small seat with crying children with nothing but appx. 12 stale peanuts and about 3 oz. of club soda.
Oh, and yeah, I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes at the DMV yesterday. Now I'm nice and legal again. Saying that it sucked pretty much sums it up.


There were lots of cactus. I really only saw the domesticated variety not being interested in wandering around the desert. Too far away from the birthday cake.

There was the opening of presents.

The modeling of the Arrowhead shell. Stealth knitting right out in the open. She had no idea. Overall, a pretty good fit though the lace portion was a bit lower than any demure person would want to wear without some sort of shirt underneath.


The Enabler asked me if I'd be interested in taking a pants fitting class. Sure! I said. We both thought it would be a "bring a pattern and we'll fit it to you" type of class. Nope! Some New and Different. Keep those brains supple and active! We took each others measurements (only a dear friend of many years would do this) and measured out lines and connecting various dots or making curves while adding, dividing (our cell phone calculators got a workout) our measurements onto a piece of Swedish tracing paper laid over a grid. Then it was laid over cheap fabric and cut out. The whole shebang was basted together on the sewing machine and then the final fit was tweaked. It.Was.Amazing. Each and every one of us ended up with a pattern that fit us to perfection. Our instructor was easy going yet rigorous. No one was going to fall behind. Move it ladies! Heck, there was even a rather decent lunch included.

There were cats.

Max. A very high spirited ball of energy.

Puck, his brother. Not quite the hell raiser but still a ball of energy. Somehow I did not get a photo of Claire.
There was a museum visit where we saw an incredible show of designer clothes from the collection of the late Ann Bonfoey Taylor. Incredible fashion sense and taste. Lots of money. Just a wonderful collection.


The current shell is, well, just a bit on the large side. I haven't the heart to frog it. I think with a few tucks it will be something I'd wear around the house. When I bought the Rowen CA Cotton I was told that some of it was "sun dyed" which is evident about halfway down the garment. It will be interesting to see if it washes out. The label says the color will become "more vibrant" after washing. Hmmmm.
I'm now on the back of the uneven cable vest and am liking it a lot. Scattered around the house are various UFO's and I've also been churning out cotton dishcloths. When my brain is fried yet I still want to knit they're perfect.


While I was away in Cactus Land (it rather chilly actually and rained one night) there was a good sized storm that dropped a lot of snow over the Grass Valley area. I missed the whole thing. Before I left though the Hubby and I strapped on our snowshoes and went out and played in the snow.
Upcoming in another entry.

The Red Coat is Done!

A pair of pants that fit (but with rather small pockets)!


At 12:26 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Could you maybe thread some ribbon through what looks like the eyelets on the top of the shell?

Thank you so much for visiting for my birthday. It was great to see you.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Luci said...

I had the same thought as the Enabler, that perhaps you could thread a ribbon? Or a bit of elastic covered by coordinating grosgrain behind?


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