Friday, January 21, 2011


One of the lovely things about living in California that every winter there is at least one or more periods of mild and delightful weather. The sun shines, the daytime temps hit the low 60's, and all is delightful. No snow shoveling around these parts.

As the daytime temps rose all the water from all that rain started to turn to vapor. Every morning the valley below was a sea of fog that would rise up and engulf our house. Eventually, it would burn off and we would bask in our sunshine only to have the mists come up again. It made for nice views while I sewed my flannel pj's.

Speaking of. Little snowmen and polka dots.

The still unfinished red coat sulked while I sewed. The bag belongs to Kate who asked me to cover up a logo (actually, I offered). I did but it's not even so I might rip it out all and start again. Still, it has its charm, and as Kate pointed out, "'s unique!"

Lovely weather means clean-up time in the garden. A few volunteer potatoes found under the old tomato vines.

Omar says that it's still rather chilly at night by his standards. He likes to burrow under covers but the only thing available was my knitting. I'm working on a shell top using Knitpick's CotLin which I am liking very much. Quite a few Ravelry knitters complained about the fuzz but I haven't run into that problem. Even my hands seem to have adjusted to the unyielding nature of the fiber. The biggest glitches were getting a size that works (different gauge) and the fact that the book the pattern is in somehow got mixed in with the library items to be returned. Hopefully, when the branch opens up again on Sat. I can reclaim my book.

The elusive Otis is starting to get a taste for treats.

Opal, mighty guard cat. We're safe from all marauding rodents.


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Omar the Magnificent, basking in the sunshine. Priceless!

Opal is just such a beauty. Those eyes. You know she's thinking deep thoughts.

Love the snowmen PJs. Just the thing to stay warm and cuddly in the winter. The snowmen are so happy!

I have faith you will get to the red coat when you are ready. Look how much you've already done on it! Just a few more bits to go...and perhaps it needs to percolate for a bit? Goodness knows, projects percolate around here for a looong time!


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