Friday, December 10, 2010


I knit, I knit a lot over the last week. My goal was to get Hawthorne done in time to take to the bay area and present it to its recipient. Despite needing a brain transplant I did finish in time. I was pooped. I was also not going.

Hubby, who is literally never ill, came down with a nasty cold and I felt he needed my loving hand to cool his brow. So, into a padded envelope with the NotSoMuchMultnomah and a short drive down to the post office.
But! It is done and it is glorious and a bit hard to part with. The yarn had great stitch definition, did not split at all (though there was a bit of a tendency to fuzz up if you fiddled with a stitch too much). The garment was light yet warm and the color divine. I will certainly use it again. Mara from The Woolen Rabbit in Blue Moon. Two skeins for the shawl with a whopping amount of leftovers. Say, two yards. It was a squeaker.

Next up in the almost done category: Coronet. I'm down to the crown decreases. Berroco's Lustra. Now talk about splitty yarn and slippery too.
And! Haven, I'm about halfway through skein No. 3 so this photo is a little out of date being as I was still on skein one. Things are so MUCH longer now. Knitting on 10.5's gives one a heady sense of quick progress. The pattern is so easy you can crank and crank while multitasking or actually watching TV and following the storyline. Makes a change...

I love having a cold frame. Lots of pretty greens, organic, fresh. Heck, not even any bugs.

This was a very good year for Meyer lemons. Lemon curd and scone baking tomorrow. Come on over, there will be lots.


Olive is sure her presents are hidden in the closet somewhere.

Opal knows that Santa will do her right. Who wouldn't want to give this cutie everything she wanted?


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous suzy said...

Olive is looking for buried treasure. Or maybe buried mice.

Opal knows where they are, and isn't telling.

The shawl is just gorgeous. Truly beautiful.


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