Friday, November 19, 2010


The good news is the Multnomah is finished. Or should I rename it, NotSoMuchMultnomah? I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out the feather and fan border. Finally I just said, Frack it! and knit on. What I ended up with is sweet, fluffy, and frilled. Not much like the photos of other M's. I have no idea how this happened. Going to Ravelry I looked at what other knitters produced and what, if any issues they had. After the sixth, "OMG! I LOVE this pattern. I knit it in my sleep/while painting the house/learning how to play the saxophone/birthing babies" I moved away slowly. Let's say it together: I knit it MY WAY.

Big Problem: The recipient is not a frilly sort of person. I have some Mara yarn coming from The Woolen Rabbit that I hope can be whipped up into Hawthorne in the little time I have remaining.
Multnomah (ha!)
One skein of The Sanguine Gryphon's something or other - fingerling, that I remember for sure, in a lovely slightly variegated blue color that I am sure has a delightful and clever name.
Size 4 needles

Like Valerie my knitting has been all over the place. I did a bit of The Twist Collective Leavings using some Mountain Color's River Twist. Lovely yarn but I am not sure it's what I want to use. I noticed that someone is using SG's Bugga! and I have a lot of some great variegated red Edios that would possibly work. Then I went back to the Uneven Cable vest using Malabrigo. I had a great response from the designer to my "I'm lost!" question so I'm back on track. Hopefully, my knitting mojo will sort itself out. I hate it when we don't talk.

Cold weather has descended after a wonderful Indian summer. The fall colors, while not in the league of the east coast, have been exceptionally beautiful. The overly large red coat has been reduced to rubble. It shall hopefully be reborn as a Firebird of a winter coat. I could use it, it's cold!

My drying umbrella proved to be quite the furbot magnet. Everyone but Otis has taken a nap there. He thinks it's out to kill him but he thinks that of most things.

Omar - that's Opie in the background waiting to be let in. Yes, we have a cat door but it's more fun to ge me to walk over and open it.





At 11:26 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

I am sure, with the help of your muslin, that the coat will indeed be reborn as a Firebird - gorgeous, warm and exceptionally snazzy.

The furbots are just lovely, as always.


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