Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm not sure that Olive is here to either help or supervise or just knows that she looks divine in red.

The red coat resurrects, slowly.

I've taken to keeping all plastic bags put away since she does not distinguish between them and paper. Love the eyes.

My friend Gail gifted me with an amazing cowl recently. With the weather now quite crisp it is coming in very handy. She said she had the hardest time finding time to knit it in secret. Well, we do knit together a lot.


One of the checkers at my local market has said so many nice things about my handknits over the last few years and drooled over my Coronet every time I shopped wearing it that I'm finally making her one. Free pattern at This one (and I've made several, it's a wonderful pattern) is using Berroco's Lustra (3164 - Berroco has never been one for lyrical colorway names). And! she's learning how to knit. Way cool.

A long and arduous search at one of my not so local yarn stores turned up this lovely Manos. The photo does not do it justice. My green sweater from last year needs a scarf and it's been rather hard to find a colorway that went with it. I am trying out Haven from Kim Hargreaves. So far I like it but I am going to reknit going up a needle size or two. Just not enough drape. The pattern is very easy to follow and great for TV watching.

I'm not sure my notsomuch Multnomah is right for its intended recipient so I am trying to crank out Hawthorne using Mara from The Woollen Rabbit in about a week. Moth Heaven said she did hers in two days. I think she's a lot more experienced than I am. I like it a lot though. Nice pattern, luscious yarn.


The new-ish cat bed gets a lot of use.

Hubby has a client with a persimmon tree. I like persimmons.

Citrus. Hubby has encased our citrus for the winter - with Christmas lights for warmth at night. Still have lots of lemons to pick. I have high hopes for limes and mandrian oranges next year. One can always dream.


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