Monday, January 10, 2011


That's the sound of a hungry blog. Unfed, left alone to fend for itself in the dark. In my defense it has been a busy time, holidays, food, family, vegging out (did I type that out loud?).

So what has been happening?

We went snowshoeing around a beautiful little lake. We hope to get out again this week if the weather permits. It's been very cold and frosty.

We don't generally get a lot of snow on the ground where we live but we did get a dusting a couple of weeks ago.
Meant to get that hose put away...

New Years Day brought a subset of the siblings for the day. Lots of good food and talk. I have nice brothers. David is looking more and more like our father to the point it's a little disconcerting.

I wore one of my Christmas presents from The Enabler. She is so talented. The necklace is called a "Dagger Drip".

The Christmas branch has been taken down. Overall, the furbots ignored it but Olive, well Olive has a mission in life and that is to knock down or push off every item she can lay her beautiful little paws on. She is one determined cat.

I have goals.

Me too. I think they involve food and shredding things but don't quote me.


I am just back from a weekend in San Francisco visiting girlfriends. I was able to see Mara (actually, Mara is the yarn from The Woolen Rabbit, the pattern is from the Twist Collective and is called "Hawthorne") in situ on its owner, Julie. It looks just perfect on her.
Kate and I went to a museum, watched some good movies, and ate an incredible brunch at Lovejoy's. I'm off sugar for now so I had to forgo all the lovely pastries but I didn't suffer.
I rode Muni for the first time (with Kate steering me all the way and holding my hand, otherwise, I probably would have bolted) in something like 40 years. To quote Kate, "It hasn't changed much." True, very true.
There has been knitting but no photos and the Red Coat Project is so close to completion I could spit but somehow it is still Not.Quite.Done.


At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you see, that wasn't so hard was it?

Your brother looks very sweet (or you had been plying him with wine). Family can be a nice thing.

Thanks for my little dose of entertainment! Mia


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