Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay, not quite but there are definite signs. After a lovely period of balmy weather we dropped into rainy and cold literally overnight. The rain turned to hail and then a little snow. This morning it was 30F and frosty.

By mid morning it was delightful and sunny. Perfect for napping.

It turns out that the cat bed on the kitchen counter is prime real estate. There are various cat beds around the living room but this one is The Bed to Be In.

Yes, we "let" our cats up on the counters. After getting three kittens we realized that unless we wanted to live in a state of constant battle we were going to have to just let the cats go where they like.

No, I don't want to have my photograph taken and if you lunge for my pizza Things Will Get Ugly.

Kate came to visit and a very good time was had by all. We went to two yarn stores and Ben Franklin's which has a pretty good selection. Not really yarn brands that I use but not bad.

We are both enthusiasts of historical cemeteries so we hit the highway. Actually, it was a lot of dirt roads out in the boonies. Hubby did some searching of locations and drove us around. Yea hubby! Omar rode shotgun and kept us safe from maurading squirrels and various noises that spooked him.

That's a dead buttefly caught under the hammer. (Kate says the butterfly was alive. Sorry guy!)

Although I always enjoy the unusual when it comes to gravestone symbolism my heart is always touched by graves that reflect what the person really liked in everyday life. No, this one isn't particularly historical. Many of the cemeteries are still accepting the dead. When this one finally qualifies as "historical" not much will be left but the headstone. I haven't decided between a green burial (if only I could be buried on the property) or creamation. Lost at sea has its charms too but I think that involves drowning which is not the way I want to go.
Photos by Kate


Most of my hand knit socks, despite being knit with superwash wool, end up felting to a degree. Okay, I should do them on a delicate cycle but I really never have enough to do anything but a tiny load (three pairs of socks?). I do air dry them but still, they fade, they get thicker. On the bright side, that makes them perfect for boots and I wear my hiking boots A.Lot. I have now worn holes in two pair. I have a bit of leftover yarn so out with my darning needle!

I am close to finishing my latest shell and dang, it looks to be Very Large. Must think on this. While thinking I went back to the uneven cable vest and am now ready to try binding off the two fronts again. I ended up with extra stitches so I need to figure out what gives. I love the pattern but frankly, I find parts of the directions downright confusion. I guess when I buy a pattern I really want things described step by step. The two shells and the vest both seem to be missing important pieces of information. You can work it out or just assume and knit. It's annoying though to knit for hours only to find your assumption was just a little off.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger The Swamp Fox said...

The butterfly wasn't actually dead. As for what to do with me when I die, I still like my slingshot-into-a-volcano idea.


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