Friday, January 28, 2011


We interrupt this craft and knitting blog to insert some botanicals. We continue with our rather mild weather (Hello East Coast! This is me waving in my short sleeves and light pants.) Although we might get the occasional dusting of snow, for the most part we are green in the winter, dry in the summer.

That means ferns, grasses, and lots and lots of moss. Just look at those pumped up sporophytes - out there looking for love.

While I get a little artistic with my photography Omar stands guard. No rabid squirrel is going to get the jump on me!

I redid Kate's bag and called it quits.

I liked my flannel pj's so much that I'm making two more pair. Got to stay warm, even in sunny California.


Opal, for some reason, standing in my sweaty cap. It's a good color for her. In the background are some oils. I've been making lip balm. Soap making will happen in a couple of months. I still have lots from my last batch.

There has been knitting but most of it hasn't worked out. I've tried several vintage sock patterns from Nancy Bush's book but they are tiny! My size 9's won't fit into them. I'm still working on wrapping up UFO's and not buying yarn. It's a struggle. Yarn, it's so pretty, what's not to like? Still, I will Remain Strong.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, two posts since I last checked. Hog heaven!


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