Friday, May 06, 2011


The waterlilies are now in full force with the first flowers in bloom. Mr. Frog spends his day sitting and looking out at his kingdom. This spider has found an ideal spot for building her nest. Eat all the bugs you can - we appreciate it. It's a very buggy time of year. Keep your mouth closed.

Part of the bedroom remodeling was making a new summer coverlet. I found two pieces at Fabrics on Mill St. for half off and pieced them together.

I made my own bias tape for the binding and used some of my very expensive, high tech tools to round the edges. (A dinner plate and very pretty rotary cutter - a gift from The Enabler.)


Things in the garden are starting to grow very fast now that the weather is warmer. Spring has arrived dazzling our eyes with her beauty while rushing past to meet up with Summer. I am not ready for the heat yet.

I love this time of year. So green and lush. Both of us are out most mornings working hard to get things ready before the heat of summer kicks in. The greenhouse is full of seedlings and cuttings that I've rooted. The more tender potted plants have been hauled out, cleaned up, fertilized and watered. We be fecund.

The hostas are unfurling. I've been moving a lot of them around looking for places they like more. This one is Very.Happy.

The iris are starting to open up.

Including the native yellow ones.

I've never really captured the beauty of the ceanothus in full bloom. It positively glows with a gorgeous blue/purple color.

This patch of calendula reseeds each year with absolutely no help from anyone.

Opal. Somewhat fuzzy. With the bedroom work the cat food stand has been moved around a bit much to the consternation of all the cats. Plaintive cries, grumpy looks, little huffy balls of fur in search of their dinner. Just who is in charge here?


I am slowly getting my knitting back on track and am also wrangling with attempting to sew some knitted tops. I may be trying to do too much.



At 4:45 PM, Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Waterlilies? You have WATERLILIES??? That's it! I'm coming to visit!

Gorgeous pics, as usual. The green meadow's my favourite, though. I can positively smell it.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous AlisonH said...

Ooooh, gorgeous...!


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