Friday, April 08, 2011

...AND THIS BOX IS JUST RIGHT Miss Smarty Pants, aka, one of The Squeakers, otherwise known as OPAL, has long been mistress of how to open sliding screen doors. You hear a little "paw, paw, slide" and in she pops. The other day I walked into my sewing room knowing she had to be in there somewhere (that 4" gap is a dead giveaway) and found her curled up in my pattern collection. She snoozed there for hours and thankfully, did not appear to have shredded anything. Her sister, Olive was quick to follow. Not able to open sliding screens she is nonetheless crafty enough to follow behind and take advantage. Olive gets by on her looks, which are considerable, but brainy she is not. It was under the cutting table for her and into the tubs of fabric. How soft! How heavenly! And the colors suit me so well. Then again. I can wear anything!
I continue to sew. I liked the first top so much I made another and still had to arm wrestle the neckband into submission. It's very humbling.

I came down with some fast moving bug that fried my brain for a couple of days but thankfully didn't stay long enough to do permanent damage. Still, I found myself spending an hour plus trying to straighten out a relatively easy problem on the uneven cable vest. Thankfully, the new Knitty came on-line and I fell head over heels with Adeline. Like a flash I dropped all my current projects and cast on. I had some lovely, but alas, discontinued Debbie Bliss Cathay in a silvery blue green and hey! just enough to make the pattern up in an XS, which seems like a small step up from knitting doll clothes

This will be for my niece who spending a year in Japan teaching English and learning how the Japanese do earthquakes. Thankfully she's far away from the horror and doing fine. I'm sure she rolls her eyes and wishes her elderly aunt would stop foisting yucky homemade clothes on her but then again, who knows (and she's always polite) and besides, it's what I want to do. I suspect I will knit this pattern again for myself. It's lovely and just the right thing to layer over a simple top.


After 10 years of living here we have finally decided to remodel our bedroom. As will all such projects it has sprawled far beyond its original scope. The house is torn up, things out out place so I have a constant source of new bruises as I crash into chairs that aren't where they usually are. The cats wander around wondering just where their food bowl is today. Well, it does keep them on their toes and gives them a little exercise.

Still, it's going to be so lovely when it's all done. Check back in the fall for an update on our progress.

I even got to look up into the attic space and once was enough. Yes, I kicked the ladder going by and bruised my little toe.


At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I hadn't even read this post until after I sent the cute e-mail with cats in boxes. How do you like that? You should add yours before you forward it on.

BTW, knit tops and things are very fashionable in Japan as far as I know (which isn't to far) so chances are that your niece is the envy of all. That and there should be some XS person to foist it on if she doesn't like it. :-)


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