Friday, April 01, 2011

DOES ANYONE ELSE SMELL A RAT IN HERE? Too cute not to photograph. FYI, it's a cookie jar. WINTER WINDS DOWN

We went skiing one last time. After thinking the snow was done Mother Nature dumped a huge amount across the Sierra Nevada mountains so we went out again and had a wonderful time. It's melting fast though. I read that Lake Powell is still dangerously low and serious water restrictions may have to be in effect in places like Los Angeles. Up here in the north we have far.


This getting old is not for the faint of heart. This nice little EASY pattern taxed my brain. I did a muslin and it sort of worked. Feeling feisty I decided to make it up in a nicer fabric. I realized that I hadn't done the sleeves quite as called for the first time but what really caused me problems was the neckband. I tried this, I tried that. After all, how many ways can a neckband go on? (Answer: more ways than you think.) I was finally reduced to Reading.The.Instructions. That, along with some wardrobe diving to try and locate something sewing in a similar manner I had my long awaited AH! HA! moment. So simple, so EASY. It always is when you know what you're doing.

Despite all the convolutions I plan to make this again and soon. Before I forget what I did.


After weeks of rain and cold it popped into warm and dry. As in daytime temperatures 20 degrees above normal. We should cool down over the coming week and there are possible showers but the rain is pretty much over. It seems a bit odd not to hear it pounding down on the roof 24/7 but I can cope.


It seems that most of my knitting projects are in a tangle. I found that the uneven cable vest was not long enough in the front part. I found this out when I went to pick up the collar stitches. Easy to fix/frog/redo but annoying.

After doing all my pattern repeats (5 repeats, 16 rows per repeat) on The Skin of the Sea I was reading the pattern and discovered a long lost errata printout. Well, $#**!!$!! A quick email to the designer who assured me the errata was the Latest and Greatest (3 repeats). I have yet found the strength to frog or tink back. Tinking would be better but tedious.

Then the new Twist Collective came out and now all I want to do is knit lovely little summer things. Must.Remain.Strong.

Chant after me. UFO! UFO! UFO!




At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always read but must let you know, positive reinforcement to make sure you keep blogging! I am back at work after a perfect weekend of riding and gardening. Why must this work thing interfere with my true calling, why?


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