Friday, July 08, 2011



Yes, it was time to flap my arms and fly over to Cactusland to meet up with The Enabler and sew our little hearts out for four days with 80 other like minded individuals. This year we had one extra day because we took a very cool class on how to make banners and mini quilts. Think gorgeous, bright wall hangings. I have plans to make up at least one for the newly minted bedroom.

I learned quite a lot and now have several new tops and one princess seamed dress added to my wardrobe.

I brought my two little dresses to add to the other 98+ that the overachieving Ladies Who Sew made up for the One Dress charity. It was stunning to see the collection grow with each and every one a delight of style and color.

The Enabler and Prince Charming had a new addition to their household. Meet Phred. A little furball of lip chewing, ear tip biting, snuggle down and purr for all he's worth tiny bundle of charm. I am a big lover of kittens, and I've seen quite a few, yet I have to say, Phred is something Very.Special. He started out hitting the ground hard being born feral and left behind when his mother moved her litter. He was bottle fed (and folks that means someone stayed with him or took him with them constantly because he had to eat every few hours) until big enough to go home with what is probably the best household for cats in Cactusland. I was glad to meet your Phred!

After the dryness of Cactusland northern CA seemed very lush. Things had grown visibly in the six days I was gone.

There are enough flowers to make up bouquets at will. The vegetable side of the garden has started gaining momentum. There are lots of tomatoes setting, and flowers on the beans. It seems a very long time since I ate a fresh tomato out of my garden. Soon, very soon.

You were with OTHER cats?


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Great snap of Phred! How ever did you get him to stay so still?

Love the bouquet. So bright and colorful.


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