Friday, June 17, 2011


The great remodel continues and sometimes a small cat just needs a safe place to hang out while all the carrying of ladders and swishing of paint rollers goes on. (I had removed a kitchen drawer to clean and organize and cats always recognize an opportunity.)

We are liking our color choices very much. The new window shades (pale lavender of the cell type) are being installed next Tuesday. I will only get a quick look at them because I'm heading off to Cactusland for my annual sew-in event with The Enabler. We.Will.Be.Sewing. A.Lot. I have been testing muslins, cutting out patterns, driving my serger to drink, well, to the point it had to be taken in for servicing twice, and generally, making a huge mess in my sewing room. I am almost ready, just need a few more things.

Before and After.

We have also been making a huge push to get the garden up and running, both vegetables and flowers, and as usually, only managed a fraction of what needs to be done. It was a very late start because until about a week ago it was cold and raining.

The weeding down in what we call "the old garden" nearly did us in. Finally though, the heirloom melons, the squash, and tomatoes along with a second round of beans (the first are still trying to recover from being put out a little too early and the English cucumbers just upped and died from the cold). In a few weeks you won't even see the dirt inside the box for all the greenery. I can't wait.

A few potatoes were discovered while we turned the soil and added load after load of compost. (We were so very tired we could hardly make it up the front stairs by the end of the day.)

To fill up my already overfilled time I've been sewing a few things.

New potholders for the kitchen, a couple of simple tops (no photos).

My knitting continues to be all over the place. I started Different Lines and am liking it a lot. At some point in time I will have a chance to sit down and figure out where I am on a few of my UFO's and go Forth and Finish them.

My version of a Norah Gaughn top has been not really working for me. It was too short so I picked up the bottom and made it longer. The raglan sleeve is far too snug and heck, overall the garment is less than flattering. I'm not quite sure where to go from here. The Cotlin has been a delight to work with but otherwise, eh!

The Tie Me Down Peaches and Cream used to keep the foam board from flying out of the back of my pickup truck is turning into a washcloth/dishrag.


The very last of the peonies. It's always so sad to see the wrap up for the year. With the long cool weather throughout spring they were magnificent.

Alice, my lovely hydrangea, is starting to show her full beauty.

Last year I had some extra flowers grown from seed so I put them here and there just hoping they'd survive. They did, and prospered. Rudbeckia. Such a happy flower.

Neither freezing winter or fence jumping deer can keep a good geranium down. Thank goodness.

Various amaryllis have rebloomed. They are just over the top lush.

The pots on the front step are up and running.

Now it's time to wait for the tomatoes to produce actual tomatoes, the beans to climb high and make lots of beans and well, just have everything make real honest to goodness food we can eat.


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