Sunday, November 20, 2011


Summer is now long gone and I'm stoking the wood burning stove daily while eyeballing my skis and snowshoes hoping to use them soon. All the furbots have their favorite snuggle down places which include any linen closet left open and piling onto their humans for warmth.

It has been an exceptionally pretty Fall with Grass Valley and Nevada City displaying some lovely tree colors. The garden at Chez Earin's isn't doing too badly either.

The last of the apples were turned into sauce. Not a lot but very tasty. Mostly Spitzenbergs and Fuji's from the garden and a couple of elderly store bought apples found in the back of the veg bin.


My vine leaf vest has been moving along. I have hit a roadblock though. I tend to knit loose, floppy, and all together wobbly neckbands. Not this time. After a bit of trying to decide if I could live with this as a design feature I frogged. Try and try again.

There was a new book purchase. Out of print, back in print. Snapped up. I am itching to do Fair Isle (I'm insane).


I had about 95% of this done then went on a walkabout with other projects for about a month. It fits like a dream and my only complaint is that it's a total fur magnet and as you know 5 cats/1 dog = a whole lot of FUR.


My first attempt at making a reversible apron for my friend Gail's birthday. She's very petite so I fitted my go to butcher pattern to her so she wouldn't have a pocket at her knees. I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I even made notes to myself for possible repeat sewing events. I feel very clever.

I had company while I sewed and snapped photos.


I am giving the barefoot/minimal shoe craze a try out. Trying to get more exercise and all that important and good stuff. I used to run. Really. I did. A lot. Lately I've been having trouble with my feet so I started looking for options. So far? I rather like them though they are a bit on the cold side. They look very odd but are amazingly comfortable. So far I'm mostly running back and forth across the softball fields at the local part with Omar (illegal but what the heck, cover me with pepper spray and haul me off - we're having a great time).


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, those shoes look like diving gear but I do find them, umm, interesting. I that red tree just a regular maple? I am having fantasies of surrounding myself with bright trees. Ok, there are a lot around here but there can always be more, right?

My orange tabby has been hanging out in the house (on the down blanket) and tormenting the dogs. I love winter!! MMMM

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Opal look so contented. Let me just snuggle down here and swat any passing creatures.

The Toe Shoes are interesting. They look more neoprene than the ones I've seen at the running stores.

I will vouch for the running. She used to run circles around me. Up hill. Over Dale. Under bridges. I have pictures to prove it too!


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