Friday, December 02, 2011


Set Up (and first sniff).

This really isn't my best angle. I keep telling you this so PAY ATTENTION! Where is Make Up!?! I need more Make Up! Would someone PLEASE get my agent on the line - NOW!!!

I can't believe I turned Vogue down for this gig.

Is it time for lunch yet? I am so bored. Where is the creativity here?

Chrysanthemums and the seed heads from my zebra grass (Miscanthus Sinensis "Zebrinus"). I am glad I picked them early because we had two days of vicious wind in California.


The vine lace cardi was finished and yes, it was worth redoing the front band three times. I've already worn it several times and I am very pleased.

I am doing my usual dance of "I'll knit this. Hmm, maybe not the right size or needle. Maybe I should try casting on for X? No, that isn't quite right." At the same time there is a vague sense of, "...perhaps I should finish up a UFO...."

At the moment I've switched to a pattern called "Ruth" using some sadly discontinued Adrienne Vittadini (Natasha). It's the same yarn, different colorway that I'm thinking of making the snowflake top out of. The problem with that pattern is that the largest size is just a little too small and I'd have to fuss with the snowflake pattern. It may just be me but to to purchase a pattern and then have to work out another size isn't my idea of a whole lot of fun. Yes, very much Ms. Cranky Pants.

Ruth seems like a nice pattern though I'm finding the instructions a bit convoluted. (Knitting speak for "there has been a lot more of Ruth but I frogged it because I screwed up the increases"). Very likely my aging brain though some of the independent patterns are a bit confusing. The big problem has been no yardage given. I decided to go ahead and knit the right front and see where that got me. It got me with a firm sense that I did not have enough yardage. Thankfully, I found someone willing to sell me their stash via Ravelry. Whew.

I decided that I'd like to make a cowl top so I took a regular T-shirt pattern and offset the center front. At this point I've only done a quick sew up using cheap fabric to see how it looks and fits. It looks promising. Now all I need to do is sit down and actually finish fitting it and sew the sucker up.


Our nights are cold but the days are dry and in the 60's. Dry? To the point I'm using the sprinkler system again.

The apricot tree wrapping up.

There must be some moisture because the mushrooms are marching on the house. Lots and lots of them. Be afraid, very afraid.

Rhubarb, celery, and thyme.


I forgot to include this adorable photo of Ollie and Hubby having one of their "special moments" in my last blog entry. Cute on a stick.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Cute on a stick, deep fried and covered in chocolate! Ollie and his Dad.

Love the photos of Opal. Olive? The sister O.


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