Friday, February 17, 2012



The owl sleep sack was finished in record time. A very easy (and fast) knit. Based on a few comments I decided to make it just a little longer which took me into a second skein of yarn.

Cascade 220 Superwash on size 4 needles.

I plan to knit the hat up (soon) but decided to start a little vest with owls along the chest (also using Cascade). That too seems to run on the short side so I will knit it a few inches longer. I've toyed with knitting one of the owls a different color but what I've liked best are the garments with a little light embroidery around just one owl. Stay tuned!


I have quite a bit of the Cascade so I may make another vest sans owls but done in bright stripes. Then again I may break out my crochet hook and make a lot of granny squares. I seem to recall making up several of these back in the 60's using some very heavy cotton. Everything comes around again eventually.

The photo was lifted from Ravelry and I'd love to credit the person who did all the hard work but it escapes me.

While not churning out owl related garments I did a little herbal picking and preserving.

Cilantro. It's been a banner winter for my cilantro which is great because we use A.LOT of it. I ground it up with olive oil and put into little baggies.

The dill took off too. We use a lot less of the dill but it's still good to have. I put the fronds in whole into larger ziplocks with some filtered water.

A photo of some of the pruned plum branches. It's fun to watch nearly bare sticks burst into flower from the warmth of the room. Now if only it doesn't hail or snow or do something nasty so that fruit will set.

A pretty sunset. What else is there to say?


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