Saturday, March 31, 2012


There continues to be quite a bit of sewing going on. I go through periods of being interested in sewing but not enough to put my knitting down then out of the blue I just have to sit down and sew. Go figure.

I finished up one more Sobretto. I must say, these little tops are downright addictive and a delight to make. I plan to make a few more. Despite the high winds outside at the moment and the impending rain warmer weather is just around the corner. Yesterday was a balmy, sunny 65F. At the moment the trees are whipping back and forth with debris shooting past. 

The garden is starting to wake up with visible growth from one day to the next. The weeds, well, they are weeds and as far as I can tell, never ever stop growing.  A few things have started to sprout in the greenhouse. It never ceases to amaze me that those tiny little shoots will produce lots and lots of lovely tomatoes and melons (among other things) in just a few months.
One of two dresses for young girls part of some charity sewing for the upcoming sew-in this summer. The second one is almost finished but for some bias tape application and made out of the blue floral Sobretto fabric.


I continue to wonder just what to knit next while futzing along with some UFO's. I knit little swatches just to get a sense of needle size. I know I should do a Great.Big.Swatch but really, who does that? There are just so many lovely yarns out there and fantastic patterns it's difficult to say "this one!".

Coming up fast on my never ending "To Do" list is to recover the speakers in the living room. Opal has already tried her claws out on the new fabric and gave it her "Nice for Shredding" stamp of approval. A sturdy, attractive burlap in a mossy green with overtones of khaki.  I like it, Hubby is not too sure. He doesn't like green.

Also waiting in the wings is the recovering the dining room chairs and sanding and re-staining the table. Oh year. Lots of fun. Eight chairs. Big table. Sure to be fun.

The predicted rain has now started and I am reconsidering going out to knit. Perhaps just another log on the fire please.


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can a person not like green? It is such a great color! I bet you are too busy with the nice weather to do anything but garden right now. Rain all week will make sure you check your blog. Mia


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