Monday, April 10, 2006

To anyone who does not know me I will state the obvious: I am gaga about my pets. Crazy. Demented. In Love. Due to life issues it was 15 years before I was able to have cats again. I had never had a dog of my own. 5 years ago I moved to the Grass Valley, CA area with my soon to be husband. We bought a house, I started a garden so huge and varied I will never, ever have it completely weeded all at one time. Two months after living here with my partner's elderly cat we acquired three kittens. My husband had come across a 9-year-old girl in heavy eye makeup with a box full of kittens. He called wanting to bring them home. I mumbled something about needing to see them first. The moment I held one I was a goner. I can produce 8,000 digital photos to back this up.We agreed to wait on getting a dog till Sam the Elderly passed. Sam hung on and on and on. I started to think I should make provisions for him in my will. Who knows? I only have perhaps another 30 or 40 years left. It could happen. He died a year ago and we put his remains under a difficult to grow green gage plum tree that had never born fruit. Sam was a bit difficult himself so it seemed like a good match. The next spring it produced six incredibly tasty plums. After a great deal of discussion (me: I want a puppy. husband: I love dogs but...) we bought a mini rat terrier and named him Omar. We name all our animals with "O" names. No reason, just happened that way.Ozzie didn't make it past two and he is still missed. Opie and Ollie continue to rule the household and bring me gifts of mice and gophers. I've started putting out feelers for a second dog. So far my husband has only given me pained looks.


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