Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pattern Pieces

I have finished the second sleeve of my sweater jacket and am now attempting the right front and the dreaded buttonholes. I don’t understand how you can just knit the holes and not know what size buttons to use. This is certainly not what I’m used to with sewing. I will take my finished pieces to the yarn shop for their lunchtime session where they help you with problems. That is, if I can pry the cats off . I want to be sure this project is sewn up correctly. Just for the record I have ordered a basic book that will give me more information about knitting. I hope it has lots of pictures. I do well with pictures. I’ve convinced myself that I really do need to make a trip to the second yarn store to look at books and maybe buy a little yarn. How long can a person hold out? Besides, the cool new fabric store is just across the way and I do need a 9" zipper.

I’m galloping my way through the Yarn Harlot’s latest book and loving it. "It's wonderful" just doesn't capture how fantastic this book is. I feel, well, a little more normal about my knitting and the problems I’ve had in the past. I can see that I need to respect Gauge a whole lot more. I assume that the Harlot exaggerates a little to make things humorous but then again… we're talking about knitting here.

It continues to rain - a person could get a little crazed. But there was this lovely rainbow. I have so many things that need to be done in the garden that I lie awake at night trying to prioritize. I knew I was getting old when I stopped (not totally - I am still breathing) having sexual fantasies and started dreaming of what to put where in the garden. Knitting projects seem to take a lot of my dreaming time too. Gardening is my passion and once the weather improves most of my free energy will go into trying to make as many things bloom as possible along with growing as many interesting things as humanly possible to eat. Oh and using less water - this is a directive fom my husband. He has tried to convince me that I have plenty of raised beds but that just isn’t possible. Maybe just one or two more. Honest.


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