Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poor Me

I went to not one, but two yarn stores today (all that this area boasts of) and found only one thing I lusted after – and they didn’t have it in stock. Just a luscious hat sitting there all made up in the yarn of my desire looking innocent. It’s not that there wasn’t loads of wonderful stash, just that none of it called to me. To make matters worse I then went to our wonderful fabric store, Fabrics on Mill Street, and found lots and lots of things but I had no patterns with me. It was expensive enough that I couldn’t just buy yards and yards. I do so try to be an adult at times. It comes and goes. So, till another time. I did buy 5 buttons for my soon to be finished sweater jacket. No photo yet. I’ve spent my afternoon baking cookies and muffins for my monthly care package to my stepson who lives in Memphis. (He has a nice girlfriend who knits him hats. Life isn’t so bad from his point of view.) My favorite yarn store, Melody Farm said no problem to my coming in for a private lesson on how to sew my project up and answered some very basic questions without rolling their eyes. They are so great. They had an almost tragedy this winter with rain seeping into the floor and soaking the yarn. Did I mention that it has been sunny for the last three days?

Sometimes I question just how observant I am. I bought the yarn for my project in Pacific Grove, CA. I admit that I was more than a bit distracted. My 80-year-old mother had fallen and fractured a vertebra in her back. After a week of not eating much or drinking enough fluids she was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, she has made a full recovery. I had been talking to her on the phone (difficult sometimes because she is deaf and she doesn’t do email) and asking if things were okay and being reassured that she was just fine. During my drive back and forth to the hospital I noticed a fabulous yarn store, Monarch Knitting and Quilts. I saw the sweater/jacket knitted up and said YES! It was done with a double yarn but could be done with a single. To make this rather long explanation shorter, I thought I had asked for single – the price alone should have made me sit up and take notice. I knitted away for a while put it away for a year and almost finished it when I noticed that I still had a huge amount of yarn left. Being a cheerful person by nature I realized that I Could Make Another Sweater! In fact, the pattern book that went with the yarn has this, which is perfect.


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