Sunday, December 06, 2009


Last year the owner of the coffee shop where we meet weekly to knit asked us to be in the local Christmas festival. This involved sitting in the back of her 1969 pickup truck which has, I swear, the original clutch and brakes. Sitting on hay bales, even going at approximately 5 miles an hour, is something of an adventure. We live in the foothills after all. Life is not flat around here and parades seem to have a lot of stopping and starting.

This year we had a Whole Lot More information gleaned from what we wished we had done last time. We also felt that we were nowhere near enough Sparkly for a parade of lights. I mean, there were large dogs with more wattage.

We did what we could with an inverter (thank you so much Hubby - we could knit you up the most fantastic sweater but hooking up an

Along with self decoration there was a Very Cool ball of yarn. Even the needles had lights inside of them.

Auburn is a small town. How small? People come throughout the day and put their chairs along the parade route. It wouldn't occur to anyone to steal them.

The parade involves a lot of animals. Ribbons, bows, lights, you name it.

And it's cold. I have very pink cheeks, nose, and chin. The various bottles of "warming" beverages I was sipping from had nothing to do with it! This year we were much more prepared. More clothes and we showed up later so we didn't just sit there for two hours and freeze!
All in all it was Great Fun (and still bloody cold).

I finished the body of the Vine Lace Vest only to discover that the two fronts did not match. Off by all of one stitch but it makes a difference. Ribbit! It shouldn't take all that long to redo though.

The Squeakers continue to grow. Yes, Becky, they are girls. We were mislead.

Knitting baskets hold the best stuff. The best stuff to dump out, scatter around and chew up. That's all exhausting work so what can a little girl do but take a nap?


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

I would have recognized by the pink cheeks, even without the directional arrow.

Olive? Or is it Opal, needs to get with Puck about scaling new heights. Kitty alpinists!


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