Friday, December 04, 2009


Things have been hopping at Chez Earin's. Having a crappy, very old camera didn't help with photographing any of it.

But! I have a new toy. I liked the camera that Valeria bought and decided to take the plunge myself. A Canon Powershot SD780 IS. I still haven't worked out the bells and whistles but heck, just pointing and shooting is giving me nice results.

Kate came to visit and that is always a pleasure. She didn't want to sign any autographs though.

She met the kittens and many photos were taken.

Omar wanted to make sure that Kate still thought he was cute. He's the dog after all.

He gladly posed with the new duvet I stitched up. I've made a couple pair of pants but no photos. : - ( More comfy than stylish.

Kate, hubby, Omar, and I went to an old cemetery in Nevada City and many wonderful symbols were found. I will save them for another post.

Kate has not one but two blogs. If you are interested in hearing about cool cemeteries her blog, Grave Misgivings is the place to go.

Another new toy is this yarn holder (No More Yarn Barf!) that I bought on Etsy. I love it. I estimate that it's saving me 10 to 15 minutes per skein - that is having not to detangle the barf that I always get towards the end of the skein.

I knit a hat to go with the Sammy jacket.

I won a very cool Rowan magazine from Valerie. She and her husband will be coming to visit in a couple of weeks. YEA!!!!

One of my knit night friends went to a knitting retreat and this yarn called my name to her. Apparently, my color is aqua. I have to admit it. I like aqua.

Speaking of yarn. I really, really, really, am trying to knit out of stash but that darn sales rack at Meadowfarm just sucks me in. Half off yarn.

Superwash, purple = perfect baby items.

Ecco Zitron. German. Superwash. Merino. Enough for a top.

A gift from Kate. Sock yarn, self striping I believe.

After seeing my Mason-Dixon mitered hanging dishtowel she requested one in purple for her Christmas gift. My pleasure.

The pale blue, aqua actually, is Louet Gems. It will be the contrast color on Acheron. The variegated purple will be the main color. This is an adorable and somewhat unusual little jacket. I can't wait to try it out.
Wait! There is More! Alas, not yet photographed. I've some yummy semisolid rose pink Fleece Artist silk/wool blend that I've been knitting up a storm with. The pattern you ask? The Vine Lace Vest.
I'm through the back and left front and burning my way through the right side. It's a soft, springy and all together delightful yarn.
Tomorrow is Auburn's Festival of Lights parade. Auburn Knit Night rides in the back of the coffee shop (where we meet weekly) owner's pickup knitting with glow sticks. Last year we about died from the cold. This year: Many.Layers.
There has been soapmaking! Recipe experimentation. And much more!


At 10:03 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

The duvet looks beautiful. Excellent work. Love the saturated colors. Omar's pretty snazzy too!

At 2:11 AM, Blogger bluey said...

The yarns are lovely. How I wish if i can get some in my country. :)


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