Friday, September 04, 2009


...two kittens. You go out for some groceries and as The Enabler said, "Tra la! tra la! To the grocery store I go. Carrots, kitten, cabbage, milk, spam, kitten, celery, bleach, dishwasher soap..."

Oh yeah, right.

Total pets:

One slightly freaked out rat terrier.

Three adult male cats going, "Huh?"

Two clueless kittens.


5 cats

1 dog

Okay, all together now, really, really fast.

Omar, Opie, Ollie, Otis, Owen, Oscar (and Ozzie, now deceased).



and Owen.

Age? Uncertain other than far too young to have been parted from their mother. The giver away-er said they were old enough but by evening time they were very hungry and not at all chewing or lapping anything. Out with the eyedropper and off to the pet shop the next morning for powdered cat milk and bottles with nipples.

Happily, they are sucking it up like pros and doing all the things kittens should. That is, mostly sleeping, vaguely understanding what the litter box is for, biting each other's tails (mostly Oscar to Owen - Owen seems to be rather less developed), grooming, and generally complaining that there isn't a nipple in their mouths at all times.

This will all pass in time.

It better.


The second neck scarf is done and buttons procured but not quite yet sewn on.

Autunno di.vo. Needle size, um, size....I really don't remember. 7? One skein total.

The denim overalls from Minnowknits progress. I had to frog about 5 inches when I realized that I had done the bottom in two pieces when I should have combined them. I really couldn't quite tell from the pattern notes and resorted to going over to Fibers to see how their display was done. If I was in charge of patterns there would be a Very Thorough Review of Pattern Notes along with detailed photos of what the thing looked like. You know, the way The Twist Collective does theirs.

I have noticed that my ability to hold a bottle or two of formular, corral a wiggly kitten or two and deal with the other parts of my life seems to have decreased my ability to knit. Something must be done.

*Before Kittens

Sammy Comes Clean.

Cute? You bet.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

Oh MAN... but how cute. I can see how you couldn't resist!

(The baby's pretty cute too :-) )

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

I am typing this for Mademoiselle Moonbean, who wants to know why all the boys? Wouldn't you like to have a soft furry little girl kitten to curl up with you as you knit?

To help meditate by showing the proper way to stare at walls? To keep all those pesky boys in line?

I truly do believe you had "kitten" on the grocery list, if not in actual ink, at least in thought, and now deed. They are precious.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger The Swamp Fox said...

Adorable! I like the kittens too!


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