Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'll change the layout of my blog, add a list of sites I visit, links to cool places. Things that I like. Yeah, sure. I must somehow get a HTML savvy friend over and ply them with frosty drinks and place them in front of a computer. Snacks are included!

I might also actually add photos to my Flickr account. You know, the account where I actually pay them money instead of just using their free service? I could wander around Ravelry learning how it really works and posting photos of my stash and finished projects. Don't get me wrong, I do seem to spend a lot of time looking at patterns and yarn. I adore Ravelry and get a little thrill when I see how many members there are (over 400,000! YES!) and don't you just adore the little message notice that give a wiggle? ToDieFor.

In the meantime, valuable coding/reading/learning time is spent knitting. Well, I am in the midst of some serious kitchen cabinet cleaning and reorganizing too. At some point all those old yogurt containers just won't stay behind closed doors.

While checking Valerie's blog I came across these adorable Sneaker Booties. With a newborn now in my knitting realm I cranked these out asap using some Sundara scraps and old acrylic yarn for the laces culled from my mother's Enormous Non-Wool Yarn Stash. (I gave away a CAR LOAD - really, I have a photo somewhere of a car stuffed with acrylic yarn and a rather stunned looking friend somewhere. Yet, I still have lots.) No natural fibers please! I think Red Heart has her on their Christmas card list.

Are they not the cutest things? I just bought some Mountain Colors Superwash sock yarn in a Very Seriously Purple colorway to make up another pair and some baby Monkey socks. The parents are serious lovers of the Color Purple.

I finally got around to making my photo light box on the cheap. I am going to try putting a sheet of tracing paper over the inside paper to see if I can get rid of the overlap line. Otherwise, it's a nice addition and helps enormously with photographing small items. I had priced them on-line then googled how to make one from scraps. I think I spent all of 15 minutes on it. Way To Go!


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The light box is very ingenious. Like lots. Booties! Booties! Pip wants to know if he can have the leftover yarn. He doesn't care if it's wool or acrylic. Any yarn will do.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ooh, LOVE how your sneaker booties came out!!

I'm going to have to try your trick on making a light box. What kind of paper are you using for the translucent sides?

At 10:27 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Gee, and you wouldn't happen to have any HTML savvy friends, would you? Hint! Hint!


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