Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm tired...and my fingernails are dirty.

We've had a short break between rain - another storm is due to come in on Sunday so I've been working to clean up the garden, prune fruit trees, and the general, let's get things back in order. Did I really leave everything so disorganized last fall?

Yes, yes I did. I think I threw down my trowel and picked up my knitting and just moved on.

The garden has various piles such as the one above of cut branches and dead this and that. Hubby, kind and patient soul that he is, comes around and gathers them all up and moves them to a huge mulch pile. He kindly hauled four or five large wheelbarrow loads of lovely, rich mulch (really, the stuff was like black gold - just perfect and all from garden waste in the past) up to one of the raised beds for me this afternoon. I admit it, I claimed I only needed two. I lie. After everything was leveled out I planted sugar peas.

I even spent some time today repotting some of the pond plants. That hardly describes the pitched battle of me wielding two types of cutters and stabbing with a trowel. Gardening: the gentle past time. HA! It's Death and Destruction a goodly part of the time and we're not even into High Pest Season (coming soon!).

While moving wheelbarrow loads of this and that I always have company. A very fit looking Otis and the always beautiful furbot, Opie. Yes, Otis is just as fiesty as he looks. He's a scrapper yet high strung. I saw him freak out over a piece of lint the other day. Opie is much more mellow.

I am very pleased with my greens this year. Several types of lettuce and arugula, beets, and carrots grown in a cold frame. Yum.
Some knitting has happened. I am busy on the second sleeve of the sideways sweater. The purple has yet to grow boring. I have an incredible urge to cast on another hat but Must Finish UFO's. I've seen two gorgeous knitted bags with beads this last week. I feel the Lure. I've also been lusting after some linen/silk Handmaiden yarn but I just can't quite justify buying it.
While not yet spring, and I've lived here long enough to know that each and every February there is a false spring where the urge to start planting seeds is Strong but must be resisted, several things have started blooming.

Violets. Always such a romantic flower.

The first rhododendron. Brave soul.

Vinca. Something of a pest but it's pretty and flowers.
There are daffodils about to open, buds swelling on the lilac, and grubs starting to chew their way through the delicate, new greenery. All is right with the world.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

I have a stand of daffodils that is flowering now, that's been there since we moved in. But all the bulbs I had planted in October haven't peeked above the ground yet. Should I be worried? The Paperwhites that were planted at the same time have come up and blossomed.


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