Friday, October 03, 2008


The 14th annual Sebastopol Celtic Festival happen a short time ago. I went a day early to spend time with Marion (far left). We were sad to find that the local yarn store had closed. We checked the phone book and found that the nearest one was down the freeway in Petaluma. Braving Friday afternoon commuter traffic we headed down to Knitterly where we nearly fell on the floor in stunned delight.

Their business card reads, "Fine yarns - Finest Service" and WOW did that ever prove to be true. The owner spent ages with us helping us select yarn and discussing the pros and cons. Would this work with that pattern? It was a delight to shop there. Alas, they are not yet on-line but I was assured that it was in the works.

Having yet to master my new Fujifilm camera my photos are pretty hit and miss. I bought some Koigu Kersti to make a scarf with matching fingered gloves to go with my (soon to be made) red wool coat. I also bought some Classic Elite Waterlily in Goldenrod which I am attempting to make Stone Walls from Folk Vests. More on that later in the post.

Oh, behind me, and in front of Marion, is another couple of walls and tables of yarn plus more over to the side. What a selection!

I bought my Mason-Dixon book a week or so earlier and have been spending time sighing over patterns. Linen table runners! Why do I not know lots of adorable little girls to knit for? I want to make the Kid Silk Haze cardigan. NOW!!!

I also bought one lone ball of roving. No, not for spinning but to wrap around Omar's feet before I slip them into his winter booties. Got to keep those toes warm when playing in the snow.

The festival was somewhat off it's mark this year. At least for me. Smaller venue, fewer vendors, and the group I really wanted to see, Vassen, wasn't playing until late on Sunday long after I had headed back home. Nothing was off the mark with being with my friends though and we had a wonderful time visiting, eating too much, and laughing late into the night. My bags were greatly appreciated and admired and somehow I didn't think to take a photo of them all stuffed with goodies.

The Towel Man was there. I recently had a conversation with several friends about TTM. Seems he goes to A LOT of festivals and dances away in the corner.
One of the more interesting young bands was Culann's Hounds. The female performer, Renee de la Prade, reminded me of a young Janis Joplin (yeah, I'm that old).
Man, I can hardly tell you what a pain in the patooie this thing has been. First off, it's a gorgeous vest. I love the book BUT... The first edition had lots of errors. Guess who owns the first edition. After tearing my hair out one of my knit night buddies, Luci, looked on-line and found the errata. Glad someone has brains. That said I still had problems. I strongly suspect that not all the errors have been documented. I've reknit the ribbing at least three times. (Wrong needle size, one of the errta was how many stitches to cast on.) I can no longer remember. Failing around on the floor foaming at the mouth affects my memory for some reason. Then I could not get the side section to work. Cable pattern was dead on. Gail, also of KN rode to my rescue. So around and around I went until I managed to skip something important and things no long aligned quite right. I kept knitting. Today I frogged about half of the 5 or so inches and am now figuring out if I'm on row 14 or 15 of the chart. Thankfully, I love the yarn, the sizing seems to be working (maybe a little generous but better than too small). Stay tuned. I might have to go have a rest cure at this rate or start drinking heavily.


Getting the software to load and work properly with my new camera has taken some time. Many thanks to my patient hubby for figuring out and fixing it. Now to get this focus this to work.
An orchid, which was a gift from my friends Liz and Patti, has re-bloomed. I don't seem to have anything else for some reason.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The yarn store looks simply to die for! Wonderfulness! Much wonderfulness! And I don't even knit!


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