Sunday, September 07, 2008


Last week things got rather tough at Chez Earin's - our ice maker broke. Thankfully, the repairman came out the next day and set things straight. Whew.

The next edition of the modified Boogie Vest is almost done. I've since added ribbing to the armscyes and will be doing the neck this afternoon. Weave in a few ends and stick a fork in it. It's done! I made this up using Sheep Shop yarn, Sheep 2 on size 10's and a very fast knit it was using 4 and a teeny, tiny bit of a fifth skein for a size medium. This turns out to be far too large for the intended recipient, Linda, the owner of the coffee shop where we meet in Auburn. She's more of a small or even an extra small. I have so little experince with sizing munchkins I cannot realistically judge that small. Turns out that my friend Katrina LOVES vests and is a Perfect Size "M".

As much as I have enjoyed knitting this pattern overandoverandover I hungered for something new. This lead to my pouring through knitting magazines and various books looking for the perfect vest. Above is what our dining room table tends to look like on any given day we don't actually have company - the only time we really use the table for eating off of.

In the middle: Opie, Lover of All Things Woolen.
1 - Books/magazines holding somewhere within their depths the perfect vest.
2 - Manos Landslide jacket being finished off. So close. Claude is cheering him on (I'm proof that it REALLY can happen!).
3 - The Boogie Vest also nearing completion
4 - Paraphernalia for my new camera. I really will read the manual. Honest.
5 - My laptop. What can I say? WiFi, the ability to print without moving off the couch or away from table. Hundreds of sites devoted to my favorite crafts.
6 - Otis in the shadows in his usual position, "Am I about to be Attacked?". He knows that we are just lulling him into thinking he's safe. Any year now we'll turn on him.
7 - One of the current books I'm reading, "The Gift of Therapy" by Irvin Yalom. Excellent book.

Out of sight but still taking up space.
Two sewing books, a name tag, a large knitting bag full of lots of bits and pieces, more printouts of knitting patterns...and more. It's a pretty big table.

I didn't find any vest patterns that thrilled me but while reading MOONSTITCHES I saw this vest which she had knit up and lengthened a little. It's perfect for Linda and I will also lengthen it. I also thought that using something she could toss in the wash would be more suitable for a person whipping out Double Espresso Lattes all day long. Being that I am a wool/cotton person I dug into the remains of my mother's artificial fiber stash collection. I had retained a few of the more interesting items before foisting the rest off on friends. Most of them are "one off's", a skein or two of this and that but lo and behold, there were multiple skeins of this rather nice wool/acyclic blend. It's an English company, rather old, and I doubt that they are still in business. Must Google. Doubled it hits gauge dead on. Someone help me, I'm knitting From Stash.

(Post Google. They still exist and have a very nice website.)

I managed to fight through the multitudes last month and score two skeins of Sundara sock yarn. Sundara's is where you learn Full Combat Yarn Shopping. It's worth it though.

I finished the cable headband that I am giving my friend Kona, (also amazingly talented Rolfer). And I had a run in with a Xacto knife as I cut templates out of mat board for sewing my three bags. I have been having bad luck with this particular finger having jammed the knuckle the week before. The slash and subsequent gushing of blood took my mind right off of it. I was able to continue knitting but doing cable work was very challenging. Much Better Now.

I hand stitched the new runner fabric and cleaned off the sideboard before I did any gushing. For one brief, shining moment...a tidy sideboard.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ow, poor finger. I love your sideboard. Mine will never look like that. There are no surfaces in our house, just piles. :-/

Boogie vest came out great but I like that Tryst one. I would probably want to make one for myself, actually. Is it a free pattern from them? any idea? oh, duh, I should ask Ravelry...


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