Monday, June 09, 2008


But, they are done. Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks - Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern. Done with Sundara sock yarn. Colorway: Dahlia on size 00 needles. Modifications: I made them shorter due to having less yarn than the pattern called for. Decreased as I approached the ankle. No breaking of the yarn as called for when doing the heel. I couldn't figure out why I would do so - I fudged it and it's just fine. I like the French Heel a lot, it fits me very well. The round toe is fine but I wouldn't choose to use it on another pair of socks.

I'm in a great state of Finish-itis and am working on completing my Landslide jacket. It is, um, a little small though. I think I can pick up stitches along the side seams and fake my way into having a great sweater. Then, on to Storm.

Along with my Tuesday knit night Sharon and I are becoming over caffeinated while knitting up a storm (small "s") most Saturdays at Starbucks. And me, a Peet's Girl.

I continue to prepare for my three day Sew-In at the end of the month by cutting out LOTS of pants and blouses, making up the bias strips I like to use along the edges and generally filling zip lock baggies with sewing stuff. Every now and again I sew something up for me. A very simple blouse for kicking around in the summer.

A nightie for those hot summer nights.

While sewing I occasionally get audited by the Kittie Police.

KP: Are you sure this fabric suits you?

EE: I love this fabric! What are you trying to say here?

KP: It's a little loud. Just saying...

After begrudgingly being unable to find any major items to cite me on the Kitty Police moved on. In the background note a rare sighting of the still yet unfinished Claude. For want of a few buttons...
Pushy fish.

Rudbeckia and something pink I was sure I would never forget the name of.

Some humble geraniums. There used to be a huge Dusty Miller just to the right of them. (There is a smaller one seen in the background looking very silver-ish.) It became very woody and was removed. This then gave the geraniums lots more light and they love it.
A day lily. It seems so unfair that the blossom lasts for just a day.

Alice, one of most favorite hydrangeas. She's starting to finally gain some size. Eventually she'll be close to ten feet tall.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Luci said...

Busy, busy girl! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has kittie police. You're lucky yours decided you were on task. Mine will stand around like the proverbial Caltrans supervisor!

Socks look great! I love the differences between the striping and pooling of the two socks.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger The Cat Herder said...

If that's Sharon sitting in the photo next to you, tell her that her hair looks great!

Glad you are having fun finishing things. Its a very satisfying feeling.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ooh, your new blouse is SO pretty. What a gorgeous print, and you cut it just right to flatter. Hope you enjoy that this summer!

The cat is darling as always... sticking his nose into everything.


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