Thursday, April 24, 2008


Things continue to be very busy at Chez Earin's. My eyes are a bit glazed from it all. We've had two sets of company. One, my dear friend Katrina whom we took hiking. It was a nice five mile loop out to a waterfall. Having rarely done the hike on a weekend I was a bit surprised at how many people were out and about.

People of all ages (though I would rethink the baby stroller, it's a bit steep and rocky in places), mountain bikes and horseback riders (they were really nice). Omar enjoyed them all and it was a beautiful spring day. Katrina was thrilled with her two hats. Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo...

I've also been busy getting ready for my four day sewing retreat. On the agenda? What to knit. There are times where we sit and watch fashion shows so it's a perfect time to work on a vintage Nancy Bush sock worked in a beautiful Sundara colorway called Bird of Paradise. They're half hose with calf shaping but I will make them shorter without the shaping.

I'm struggling to knit it in the Continental manner. I am having conniptions with the purl stitches but I carry on. Old dogs don't like learning new tricks but I'm stubborn.

I'm finally getting around to spraying fixative on the latest wine labels. Very cool labels I might add made up for me by Sharon. We are grateful (and we have two more batches coming up soon needing labels).

Opie and Ollie had varying reactions to my going down and up, down and up as I carry things out to my truck.

We had some rain (and some hail). A perfect afternoon for a much deserved nap. They were amazingly cute.

I put my tomatoes and beans out earlier than usual and paid the price. We had a hard frost.

This year I was lazy and didn't start everything from seed so back to the nursery I went. How I suffer.


Both my fig trees and the grape vines took a frost hit too (and one poor hydrangea). Iris coming into bloom with a Japanese maple in the background.

Not one but two types of lavender. Whoo Hoo!

Walk around the side of the house and the Floozie is budding. Walk around a short while later and she's overblown. She lives Fast and Hard.

The clematis and roses are actually blooming at the same time. What a change.

Chinese takeout tonight then four days of sewing with a little knitting in between. Heaven.


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