Friday, April 11, 2008


And I'm not just talking gauge, I'm talking length and width. I didn't even realize that one side of my Manos del Uruguay landside jacket was shorter than the other until I laid it out to photograph. Thankfully, it is easily fixed. I've been knitting away doing the double version along with frogging my first attempt; making skeins, washing them, etc. I am now done with that part and my umbrellas and wine bottles can go back to their usual living spaces.

I've knit up a couple more mitered squares too. I want to get four total so I can sew them up and demonstrate what the baby blanket will look like.

It's been a busy week. I went out to Auburn last Sat. to meet up with my friend Sharon. We then went down to Roseville and visited a new to me yarn shop called Filati. It was BIG. It had lots of lovely yarn. It was also rather pricey. I like to support my local yarn stores but I don't like to feel overcharged and frankly, I did. If a project is going to use more than a couple of skeins I'll buy on-line, usually from the Yarn and Fiber Company. They have free shipping! They are fast! They had great stuff! They run an average of $2.50 less PER SKEIN! The baby blanket will take 10 to 12 skeins. It adds up.

Oh, the dancing pickle? He was boogieing on the corner on my way through Auburn. When he noticed I was taking his photograph he poured it on. That pickle sure could dance.

I had not one but two medical procedures this week. I think this means I'm officially old. One was quite minor. The second was a much put off colonoscopy. To amuse the doctor I had hubby decorate the area in question beforehand. All was fine. I knew it would be. If you need one - Just Do It. It was pretty easy. Well, except for the laxative part. I didn't mind that so much. What it did was upset my stomach to such a degree I upchucked several times. Ewwwww.

In other news...Spring continues to unfold. In fact, it was 81F today which is actually a little scary for April 11. I am hoping we have a mild spring before the summer heat knocks us flat. We did another hike earlier in the week down at Bridgeport along the Buttermilk Trail and there are even more wildflowers. Some of the more delicate ones on exposed slopes have dried up but new ones have unfolded.


The river from the trail above.

Two views of a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly with some wild iris.

A little froggy. At home our swimming pool is yet again the Love Boat to many hopeful males croaking out their hearts looking to get lucky.

A California salamander.

Chinese Houses.

Canyon Dudleya

At home, the first clematis of the year.

The wisteria has started to bloom. It also smells amazingly good.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Sorry about the colonoscopy, but glad you did it -- these preventive tests are always worthwhile and never actually fun. Well, I kind of take that back -- my CT scan last week, if not fun, was at least _interesting_.

Great eye candy! Spring is springing up there, clearly -- pickle and all.


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