Monday, January 21, 2008


Having a girlfriend to knit with is a wondrous thing. I've not yet warmed up to any of the Stitch and Bitches I've attended. It's not that the people aren't nice but I seem to be more of a one on one sort of person. Meeting at Starbucks (though I am much more of a Peet's lover) with my friend Sharon has been a lot of fun and much knitting is done. She is closing in on the yarn she wants for knitting up Storm.

The Sheep Shop Yarn 2 that I ordered is rather nice stuff but alas, not right for the project. I found I was in much more of a Springtime mood and went ahead and ordered some teal Rowan Big Wool from my all time favorite on-line yarn source, The Yarn and Fiber Company. The pattern calls for 2 stitches per inch (thank you Sharon for the clarification) and I don't want to work on size 9's or smaller to get gauge with the SS2 when the pattern calls for size 17's. One of the reasons for doing this pattern is because it will WorkUPFast.
While organizing and sorting through yet more of my mother's belongings I came across this Uber cool vintage apron. It has no envelope and no company name. I mentioned this to Jenny at Fabrics on Mill St. and she thought it might have been from a sewing club. These were popular many years ago. I've been looking at vintage apron patterns for some time now and not quite finding anything that caught my fancy. This I like. If you sew and find yourself in Grass Valley, CA you will find that you have made it to Fabric Heaven. Not only fabric but incredible advice. I seriously love the place.

I finished another "Coronet" pretty much following the pattern except for the decreases. I opted for my favorite Barbara Walker spiral decrease. It looks good, feels good and is very warm. Sharon coached me through the kitchener sewing and if I wasn't calling out the steps out loud I am sure my lips were moving. I looked up to find two young girls of around 8 years of age solemnly watching me. They both had knitted hats and scarves. Young Knitters!!! Yea! On the other hand I have been struggling mightily with a pattern from 2006 Winter Interweave Knits for Cowgirl Socks. This pattern does not work for me. After the first repeat of the wave pattern I get four extra stitches and nowhere do they seem to go away. Then when I do the heel flap I don't get the 14 at the end of my short rows I get something like 8. AND when I do my pickups to start doing the foot I don't get 60 (even with starting at 44 which I had to make serious fudge with nuts to achieve) I get some mid 50 number. Hear my teeth and knitting needles grinding away. Grrrrrrrr.
I've finished one of the Dahlia socks and started up a second pair of felted boot slippers this time for the hubby. My toe up sock is feeling a little lonely and I walk by Claude many times a day as he sits dejectedly in his bowl upon the sideboard.
On a less stressful subject there has been some playing in the snow.

Kate came to visit (alas, no close-up photos) and we took her up to the mountains and set her upon snowshoes.

Omar test walked some little socks to protect his feet. More work is needed but they did help. He loves the snow and runs back and forth, digging , rolling and just plain having a good time. He doesn't think he looks silly at all.

There has been some lovely weather lately though we're now having rain and some light snow. One is always glad for the water. The view from my front porch one morning with fog down in the valley.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Omar in purple. How regal!


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