Friday, December 21, 2007


Now that things with my mother are down to a dull roar I'm starting to get some of my projects finished. I'm visiting her at least once a week where I receive lots of lists of things she just has to have. I also seem to get several letters a week too and a phone call or two. It's hard being so popular.
The latest mother hat, which is my version of's "Coronet", is finished. I liked it so much I cast on for one for myself. After giving my sock a critical appraisal I decided the heel was far too loose and I was likely to run out of yarn while knitting the second sock. So, I have frogged the heel and back about an inch or so *and* put in a lifeline "just in case".
At the same time I've continued to moon over Kim Hargreaves: "Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection". Actually, I've been mooning over "Storm". I wants it bad. How long can something knit in one piece on size 17 needles take a woman? That isn't ribbing on the edges, that's garter stitch. I finally justified buying the entire book, which is the only way you can get the pattern, by saying I could sell it on Ebay in a flash. Yeah, right, like I'd ever willingly let go of a knitting book. I'll just have to round up some of my more ethereal friends and see if any of the designs call to them.

THEN when I was showing my mother's car (which is for sale) I had the bright idea of hanging out in the yarn store while it was being test driven. I kept making piles of yarn then putting them back much to the amusement of the staff. I fell in love with these felted boot slippers. I wear slippers a lot in the winter and I've looked at various patterns and they have all seemed nice. These, these on the other hand are things that elves would wear. I didn't sell the car but I did buy the pattern and three skeins of Cascade and a 24" 10.5 Turbo circular needle.

On the sewing front my house-robe is close to being finished. Omar appreciates the leftover fabric. Little dogs get cold so easily.

While at the Christmas potluck for my sewing guild I fell in love with this extension table and off to web-land I flew with credit card in hand. Heck, I have the number memorized.


I didn't quite capture how lovely the dead branches of the Russian sage looked back lit by the sun with a few leaves artistically caught. Still rather nice though.

Despite having heavy frost most nights there are still a few things blooming. Zinnias and Mexican sage.

The evening sky developing. Looking northeast from my front yard.
Have a Merry Christmas!


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The booties, err, slippers are just too wonderful. Do you put a leather or suede bottom on them, so they don't wear out? The look like they will keep your tootsies warm all winter - and be stylish to boot. Pun intended.


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