Sunday, December 02, 2007


The Hot Pink Tart finally had its day over Thanksgiving. I still don't have just the right shirt to wear underneath but the fit is good. It's a very nice feeling to wear something that you made that fits. Much knitting or should I say re-knitting of Pebbles is going on too.

I hesitate to show this photo; yes that is me on the bottom, but hubby is so pleased with it. My girlfriend Sabrina, (she's the tiny one on top), has been doing wild colors around the edges of her hair and I decided to give it a try.

It was rather involved with bleaching of bits of my hair then the colored goop. I am now "Flame" and "Turquoise" around the edges and it's well....well it's different. There was more hair colored than I had envisioned but it's pretty cool. I will do it again but with a little more subtlety. Can one be subtle with a color called "Flame"?

I liked the lap throw fabric so much I bought more to make myself a house robe. It's light and warm. We loves it.


I couldn't get my act together for ECF - two days of back to back appointments for my mother. Hubby worked very hard over the summer rebuilding a rotting retaining wall. It was very involved with digging out hard rocky soil in the heat of summer then cutting and fitting railroad ties and driving large metal rods through them. His son worked hard on it when he visited last summer. The final result is most excellent.

We've had very little rain but one hard frost causing the tender things in the garden to shrivel up. We are having a fire in the wood burning stove most of the time now and thinking "layers". Omar and the cats enjoy snoozing near it. You can hardly get a spot on the couch most nights without some pulling of rank. The hardy geraniums are dying back but looking very elegant while doing so.

I put the banana tree to bed today. I always feel so sad and a little guilty cutting it down but it does come back in the spring all ready to rock and roll.

The fish are getting a bit sleepy too and very slow. They seem to do just fine when the water freezes on top. We are off to our annual trip to Calistoga tomorrow. Poor Omar goes to the boarding house for adorable pups and mopes until we return. We'll hike and swim in the heated pools. I am So.Ready.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

What??? No picture of the hair? I wanna see!!!


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