Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Omar found Pacific Grove to be a bit on the chilly side. He's a pup who loves basking in the sunlight or snuggled up close to the wood burning stove.

On our way down I knit a washcloth out of the Sugar 'n' Cream cotton. As pretty as it looks it doesn't pass the functionality test all that well. It stretches when wet and the holes becomes a lot bigger. I have cast on for a much tighter gauge using size 6's rather than size 7's and doing a very simple K10, P10 across the 50 stitches I've cast on. I think the greater density will work better for scrubbing down my counter tops. Knit and Learn.

I continue along with Pebbles (yes, Claude, I'm very aware of my failing towards you). I am sure the sleeve will be too long and too wide. I plan to hold off on knitting the second one until I try sewing in the first. In the future all cuff to top sleeves will be done with a provisional cast-on. We are almost famous for the shortness of our arms.
In the meantime I knit a little hat for my mother using a basic Barbara Walker pattern. It was fast, easy, and fun to follow and gave a great result. My mother's head is not cold anymore. She was so funny the other day when she said, "That's right...you have seasons up here." Yup. Snow too Mom.
Tomorrow is a stay at home day where I will start altering various tops and pants for my mother. Saying that she is short hardly sums it up. No one in this family is known for the length of their legs and arms. Then it's a visit with my friend Sharon and knit night with the Chicks with Sticks. Woo!


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