Friday, October 12, 2007


Still not a lot craft wise to report. I do a mitered square here and there. I bought some "Sugar 'n' Creme" cotton yarn to make a bathmat for the RV. Tuesday was my sewing guild meeting. I always pop out of there full of enthusiasm. This time I headed to Fabrics on Mill St. where their Fall inventory was waiting for me. This photo does not do the fabric justice. Suffice to say that the two blacks are in the process of becoming pants. I managed to get one cut out before the cats decided to be Really Heavy Fabric Weights. The brown and white - well.... I just had to have it. The blue, the blue is so fantastic in weight, texture, and color that I went back today in a rainstorm and bought the last 5 yards. I heard that the other colors were sold almost as fast as they were put out. I can believe it. I think this piece will become a kimono type of jacket.

I continue to do lots more in the way of emails and paperwork concerning my mother. The (cunning) plan is that she will be released from her post hospital facility next week and whisked up to a residential care facility near me. Rent has been paid, papers filled out. Wish me luck.

Every year hubby and I do our annual Fall tour. We head up through Nevada City either up 49 or 20 making a huge loop through Downieville, Sierra City, Sierraville and other small towns. This year we hit the Fall color right on the money. In no way can the colors compare to say a Vermont showing but they are still pretty darn nice.

At the start of our trip we noted the foliage locally at around 1500 ft up to 2500 ft. Our highest point was approximately 7250 ft.

Omar isn't big on scenery but he likes to come along. He's a Velcro kind of guy. He travels well in the car, he just isn't fond of the RV.

I was fairly lazy and did a lot of drive by shooting.

It had rained the night before which was snow at the higher elevations. All a little early for the season but a lot of fun to look at.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Great scenery.. hope it's good for your peace of mind these crazed weeks!

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Elaine said...

Snow already! I'm not ready for winter!

At 8:14 PM, Blogger bluey said...

The scenery is beautiful!

The snow reminds me of christmas coming in 2 months+ time.


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