Friday, August 31, 2007

IN VEST(S)-ED Now that I know that I don't have to add seam allowances the vests are proceeding. I'm having a lot of fun thinking of ways to make them linked but not identical.

BuddyDudeDog and his owner, hubby's DNA, are taking off tonight. The cats will be pleased. Buddy is actually a very nice dog and not at all aggressive which is what I was expecting for an unfixed guy. He does like to tear around which Omar finds delightful. Let's run here! Now let's run over there!

Ollie was brought home from the vet's this morning. He is decidedly snarky as you can gather from his expression. Well, he did suffer the indignity of having his nether regions shaved and a catheter inserted. He is looking much better. He needs to stay indoors for two days so I can make sure things are flowing. We have had a massive love fest and I am covered in fur. I noticed that his chart said "CAUTION!!! Class 4!!" in red no less. I asked and was diplomatically told that he was "not deemed friendly" by the staff. Well, who would be with things being stuck up your privates and your fur mis-arranged? It is so good to have him back.


Again, another week of just a couple of photos. Morning glory against a green/blue pot.

A caryopteris, "Bluebeard" I would imagine. It's from some seed heads I harvested at Annie's Annuals. I really should grow some more because by this time of the summer most things are past their peak. It's such a delight to have these burst into brilliant blue flowers that last until the first frost.


At 7:20 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

So glad the kitty is home and recuperating! Your flowers are lovely as always...

I'm not supposed to be on the computer for a few days -- got some weird sort of infection "not in, but near" my eye -- I guess it's hitting the nerves, because the symptom was major pain, and my eyes are all swollen up. So I'm supposed to be in a dimly lit room resting (I can knit, because I don't have to stare at my knitting). Thank goodness for your podcasts -- I had gotten WAY behind and they have been soothing me while I lie here with ice packs on my face.

Why am I logging in now, then? Well, a girl can't stay off the blogs ALL weekend. I'm giving myself a ten-minute limit.


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