Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HARRY Sat. afternoon brought Harry and I settled down into the couch for the duration. With minimal breaks and takeout pizza for dinner I finished at 2:55 am. No spoiler here. Suffice to say it was a whopping good read and an excellent finish to the series.

The yarn I ordered for my mitered squares came in. I was very strong and did not buy anything else. Having an under exercised dog on a leash helped a lot.

I continue canning. Yesterday I found plums just going to waste in a parking lot in Nevada City. I bagged up five pounds and made jam. I tossed in some orange peel and...well, YUM! I've also made peach-apple chutney which drove me mad for a while since the jars would not seal. I finally reprocessed using new lids. I think the decorative ones that came with the jars were sub par. The arrow points to the way cool scale that The Enabler gave me as a Christmas present a couple of Christmases back. I use it a lot. Next up: plums for wine.

This is Bailey with his mom. Bailey was the inspiration for my getting Omar. Black and white pooches are adorable. They spent their morning horseback riding and then house cleaning. They were ready to give it a rest.

Yesterday I bought a new keyring fob. Opie is modeling it for me. I also managed to whack my little toe on the end of the couch. It's Big. It's Purple. See Earin limp. Earin has company coming on Thursday who expects to go on long hikes. See Earin heal Fast.


At 6:37 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

That's interesting, I have had trouble with decorative lids once myself, though I persuaded myself that I had warped them somehow -- but maybe that wasn't the problem. The chutney sounds awesome, though.

Aww, look how beautiful Opie is. hard to see the keyring with an Opie in the picture!

Hope the toe swelling comes down FAST (and that it isn't broken -- I've hairline fractured mine two or three times now).


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