Friday, June 22, 2007


I went to knitnight with Sharon down in Roseville last Wed. I haven't been doing a lot of knitting lately. Mostly I've been gardening and sewing (along with the usual - laundry, cleaning, cooking, surfing the web). I'm determined to get the last of the weeds (okay, there is no way I am ever going to get ALL of the weeds...stop laughing) and then mulch. Last year I valiantly dug up weeds but never got the mulch down. I do NOT want to do this ever again. I've moved almost all my sewing paraphernalia out into the sun-room. There are a lot of bits and pieces and things like sorting take time. But! I have finished both the capri and the pants AND cut out a pair of shorts (more laughter - I'm tackling knit fabric which seems to have a mind of its own and that mind says... lets get all wavy and pulled out of shape) AND two more pairs of pants.

Sharon finished up a very cool swatch for a top I think in one of the latest Interweave Knit magazines. It's a very beautiful pattern and the swatch is lovely. I also scored some produce. I'm at a somewhat higher elevation than the Roseville/Sacramento area and therefore a little behind.
The weekend before Sharon came over and did the second and last coat of paint on her directors chairs.

She sewed some very cool new canvas seat and backs. If you look really hard you can see one of her cats between the back and the seat. Trust me. He's there.


Weeding. Watering. Mulching. Deadheading. All the things that a garden needs nearly nonstop. But it's worth it. Petunias in the late afternoon light.

A hydrangea called Alice and a yet still unidentified plant with pretty yellow flowers.The foliage on Alice turns a lovely bronze color in the fall.

Orange Crocosmia. I planted some yellow ones a few years back but they have never been seen. It can be a jungle out there.

A bouquet of blanketflowers and Gloriosa daisies (Rudbeckia).


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

It looks like the gardening has sucked you back in again :) Love the blanketflowers especially -- they are sort of like a floral fractal, in a way.

Looks like you and Sharon have been busy at play!


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