Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Lovely things, miters. I am being sucked into their appeal. I've done two so far and liking them a lot. My problem is cost. I'm using double stranded RY Cashsoft on size 7's (I think - I'm too lazy to walk upstairs) and it's taking appx. half a skein of each color per miter. That's yarn that cost $9 plus tax at the local store. Searching EBay and various sites on the web I can't find it for more than a dollar cheaper. I'd like to make a decent sized lap blanket with a border after all the miters are sewn up. I figure 36 squares. As The Enabler said, a Blanket of Gold. Perhaps I can just buy a couple of skeins every month. I won't need the B of G until Fall though today it's only in the low 60's.

I have finished two more hospital pjs for children. This is a community service project that my sewing guild is doing. It's been fun seeing how my somewhat rusty sewing skills have come back but frankly, I'm eager to start sewing for myself. I have almost as many sewing projects lined up as knitting ones.


At 9:33 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

The children at the hospital (Shriner's Charity for burn victims) will really love those PJs. They're so bright and cheerful. The stars are particularly perky.

Maybe ask for enough Cashoft to complete the Blanket of Gold as a birthday present? Let's see, one skein for each year and you'll have murphfl dmssshhh urgghgzzz skeins!

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Lisa L said...

Love the fabric! The kids will love them! Wish adults had such colorful PJ's for the hospital!


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