Friday, May 18, 2007


Wed. afternoon I traveled to Auburn to meet up with my friend Sharon. She then drove us down to Roseville so we could knit up a storm with the Chicks with Sticks. The group started out as a monthly knit group but quickly evolved into once a week. I can certainly see why. These ladies were a hoot plus they were more than kind when yours truly just couldn't grasp the yo concept at all. So simple yet so hard. I've been trying to do a simple little leaf panel from a Lavold pattern and failing miserably. By Jove! I think I've got it!

I liked this group. I liked them a lot. They're a bit far for me to travel but maybe now and again...

Sharon showed off her fuzzy slipper for all to see. She tells me the extra fuzzy yarn (the make/type I did not catch) was "impossible to frog and pick back up" Just too darn fuzzy.

I continue to work on my herringbone sock and Claude, well, we won't talk about Claude at the moment. I bought some light knit fabric to make shells to wear under Claude and the basketweave shell. I left my pincushion out and Otis had fun pulling all the pins out. Not good. Soon all my sewing will be done in another room with a way cool sewing center built for me by hubby (who arrived home after 12 days of riding his Harley around). He and Omar are bonding by taking a nap together.

My amaryllis have started to bloom. I've had very good luck with getting them to rebloom year after year.

Hosta with fuchsia. Gardening is not for the impatient. It seems to take at least three years before anything is really established and you can have a reasonable idea of things like:
Is the plant happy in this location?
Is the plant's size anywhere near what you expected? (I have a sage plant that is supposed to be 3' x 3'. It grew to over 15'. I whack it back periodically but I seem to be only encouraging it.)
Does it blend well with surrounding plants? Would it look better in front/in back/with something else?
Needless to say, things keep being shifted around at Chez Earin's.

One end of our pond with various succulents and a red CA poppy.

A Shirley poppy. They reseed themselves in some of the oddest places.

New growth on a fern.

Another Hosta. They come in a huge selection of sizes and patterns.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Barb B. said...

Saw your comment on Mar's blog, and came over for a read.
I am sorry to inform you that you don't fall into the mindless etc category. I very much enjoyed reading your posts, and will be back.
Thanks, and your pictures are great. Brought back great memories for me.
Barb B.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

So, would that make Sharon's sock unfrogetable? Expiring minds are curious.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Immortalized once again in EverythingEarin. I am honored. My slippersock is honored. It now has a mate.

Also unfrogettable.


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