Monday, May 07, 2007

LOVE AND LUST The last of Sundara's sock yarn from her petal collection (this one was "Dahlia" with a very cool pattern) came the other day. I was stunned. Sundara always does wonderful yarn, great yarn, amazing colors but this... this skein is something else. I may never actually knit with it. I'm thinking I may just carry it around in my purse and stroke it periodically.
This morning I was sad for several reason. Hubby has ridden off for a long motorcycle trip with friends. (The garbage disposal unit took this opportunity to break. This house just knows when he's gone.) I miss him already. I also took Otis to the vet. He has seemed thinner to me and a bit lethargic of late. He weighed the same as last visit back in Nov. He's just turned a year old so I would think he would be heavier. He's certainly become longer. All his vitals were normal so now it's the waiting for the blood work to come back. He was tested last year for all the bad things a cat can get (and was negative) and had all his shots so chances are he is just fine but I worry.
I've been sewing pajamas for the Shriner's Hospital. They're fast and easy and except for my sewing area being rather hot rather fun to sew. I ran the A/C for the first time. It's early May for goodness sake. I shudder to think what summer will be like if May 7th is 92F. Time to get the window shades up for summer and the covers over the skylights.

We've started evicting the rest of the frogs and tadpoles from the pool. I have been scooping tadpoles out and transferring them to our pond. The fish think this is really cool. One lone frog croaks at night still hoping to get lucky. I wish him all the best.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

LOVE the photo of you with the yarn on your hat. What a cutie!


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