Friday, May 04, 2007

Progress is being made on Claude but there is also some confusion. The air is filled with, "Now where was I?" "Okay, this needs to be, um, is this the right or the left front?" "What exactly did I do here?" and other delightful sounds of spring.

I take breaks and work on my herringbone sock. I am so much faster using just my right hand. I try the two hand technique now and again but it's frustrating.

I've also done a little experimentation with the Lavold lace panel. So far not so good. Counting to 17 is very hard. You can see though how the leaf motif would work well with the checkerboard shell.

In a fit of uncharacteristic adultness I dug out this issue of IK. Let's start at the beginning shall we though it's not nearly as much fun.


Despite the vagrancy of the weather* things are thriving and I am pleased. At least sections of the garden are working (and other parts are little more than piles of dirt and rocks along with the never ending weeds).

A climbing rose called 4th of July. I like that each blossom is just a little bit different.

The peony shoots back in March are now full of buds and starting to burst open.

There are flowers in the bathroom, on the dining room table and tucked here and there.

* We've gone from high 80's and sunny to rain and hail and 50F. Today is cold and damp tomorrow it's supposed to be 85F and sunny. I feel a bit dizzy.


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Good luck with Claude's lace -- I certainly know both the agony of lace (it's worth it!) and the way your brain forgets what you were doing on a project if you put it down for even a few days. Love all the flowers!


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